Five on a Friday 3.9.18

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I am so glad it’s the weekend and super glad that the nor’easter we were supposed to get was on a smaller scale than predicted. I AM NOT A FAN OF THE SNOW.

Here’s Five on a Friday!


I saw this awhile ago on Scary Mommy and nearly peed myself. HepeatedAnd then immediately forwarded the link to every female I work with.

Hepeat | Perks of Being a JAP |


I’ve been doing a new round of the 21 Day Fix. I am so overweight (for me) that I just feel horrible. I did the first 21 days and it’s been slower going than the first time I did it a couple of years ago. I did resolve to not weigh my self daily because that DEFINITELY does not help, and so I now only weigh weekly. Weigh in was Wednesday and I did lose about 1.5 lbs. I’m trying to focus on the fact that I LOST that, and not say I ONLY lost that. Any loss is a good loss! And since I am working out while watching what I eat I am hopefully replacing the fat with muscle. Dave says I look more toned, and that’s definitely a good thing. I plan on continuing with this for as long as I need and maybe moving to a harder workout like P90x or something when I need more of a challenge.

Last round’s results (like two years ago):


Sadie made her first “YouTube” video. SMH. I put YouTube in quotes because right now the video lives on my phone and we’ll see if I decide to edit it and then post it anywhere. It’s super cute though. Right now her channel is called “Sadie’s Channel” We’re super creative over here. LOL. Here is a screengrab from the video. Basically, all she does in it is play with Shopkins and L.O.L. dolls. And she refers a few times to “coming back to the channel” which was a cue for me to stop recording and then thanks her followers at the end and says “Don’t forget to subscribe!” I can’t. And yes, that’s what her hair looks like after a full day of school – she’s a disaster haha!

Sadie's Channel | Perks of Being a JAP |


Did I mention that we’re going to Disney World in April? WOO!!!!!!!! It’s Sadie’s first time and I can’t wait. I’ve got all of our Fast Passes booked, have two character meals reserved AND she’s got an appointment at the Bippity Boppity Boutique at the Magic Kingdom.  It’s gonna be amazing. AND we’re going to Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios which is mainly all about me because if I don’t get to Harry Potter World I will KILL SOMEONE. 🙂



Can anyone recommend a really hydrating face lotion or primer? I swear my skin is dry as the Sahara and no matter how much I moisturize it’s still dry.


Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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  1. I have been using Cerave (the kind in a tub) on my face this winter because my usual moisturizer was not cutting it. I was worried it might be too heavy or greasy, but my skin is looking better than it has in a while. It’s super cheap too!

  2. Oh my goodness Sadie is going to LOVE Disney World! A few things you guys should check out while you’re there: April is very hot in Florida. Grab a Pineapple Dole Whip Float near the Aladdin ride at Magic Kingdom. They are the best for warm days. Also, each quick service food stall offers free cups of ice water which beats buying them in the park. (It can be pricey!) If you hop on over to Animal Kingdom, be sure to catch the Festival of The Lion King show. My brother is one of the stilt walkers and it’s an incredible show!

  3. Sadie’s “YouTube” video sounds adorable! My nieces love having photos and videos taken of them, but they’re still in the stage where they want to IMMEDIATELY see them and look at them and watch them nonstop right after. And they’re also big enough now that they steal my phone if I’m not holding it in a death grip.

    Have you tried Aveeno’s moisturizers? After my surgery, my face had these massive patches of scaly dry skin and those helped. I used the regular daily moisturizer (positively radiant, I think?) and then their night cream as well. I also use Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost eye gel and that has helped my eye area so much! I had one winter where my eyes and the skin around my eye were so dry I was constantly crying because that was my body’s solution. (yay. lol)

  4. So much to say here!! First, love the term hepeated! LOL!! Second, yes, focus on the loss even if it’s small, you’ll get there (maybe I should take my own advice) do you do the eating part of 21 day too or just the workouts? Three, DISNEY?!?!?! So jealous!! That’s my happy place!! Sadie is going to have a blast! Oh, and how cute she has her own “you tube”!!

    • I’m doing both the workouts and the eating. After a couple of weeks though I’ve been doing a modified version of the eating – like I’m not measuring everything exactly but I am watching what I’m eating.

  5. I need to lose weight but I always give up! I love Disney. I want to go to Universal too but it adds on a lot of money to any trip!
    Dara recently posted…10 Spring Cleaning TipsMy Profile

    • It does add on money but we have no idea when the next time we’ll be able to do Disney/Universal will be, and I have been dying to go to Harry Potter world for YEARS. <3

  6. ‘hepeated’…. OMG. How often has that happened to women. I mean, ALL THE TIME.

    Hehe, Sadie’s Channel. So cute.
    Way to go on the 21 day challenge!
    San recently posted…Birthday ShenanigansMy Profile

  7. Oh, and I haven’t used it yet, but I ordered a sample of Clinique’s Hydrosurge Moisturizer. I let you know how I like it.
    San recently posted…Birthday ShenanigansMy Profile

  8. Hepeated- I love it!

    Great work on the 21 day fix! I can definitely see a difference.

    I love the idea of Sadie’s channel. So cute. Does she watch YouTube channels of other kids?
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…The looming big 4-0My Profile

  9. I gave up weighing myself about a year ago. It messed with my brain too much and I was working out a lot and making progress that I could see, but the scale wasn’t moving the way I wanted it to so I just decided to stop doing that to myself. It was surprisingly refreshing.
    terra @ recently posted…Foiled Attempts at Adventure, Doing Dumb Things & some LearningMy Profile

    • I may have to give that a try… but I need to force myself back into working out/eating well again! Fell off the wagon due to two weeks of major illness/body issues! Wah wahhh


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