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Hello people!! It’s been a long-ass time, hasn’t it? I thought I’d start blogging again in January but that came and went. And February. And well, now its March 1st (errr 5th), I’m feeling good and there’s no better time, right? Right. Or we’ll see.

Anyway… lord knows who is still subscribed to this and reading, but I figured I might as well reintroduce myself to those who have forgotten who I am/what I’m about. That fun Three Things About Me meme that was going around Instagram has come and gone (and I was never tagged… so clearly I am the most popular person ever!) And instead of three things, I’m gonna share 10. Because I like that number better!

10 Things About Me | Perks of Being a JAP |

1. Hi!! My name is Lacey, and this is my blog! I’ve been blogging in this space (Blogspot, then self-hosted) for about 10 years. (Sheesh.) I’m 34, I live on Long Island, New York and am a born and raised New Yorker. I didn’t even leave for college! (Go Hofstra Pride!) I am married to Dave and we’ll be celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary in just a few weeks. We have a daughter named Sadie, who is everything amazing in one little package. She will be six in April!

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2. Outside of sporadically blogging, I am a full-time corporate event planner. My official title is Director of Events and I’ve been with my current company for just over four years. I travel a lot for work, which is hard but also incredibly fun. I was most recently in Lake Tahoe and OMG it was GORGEOUS! In 2017 I went to San Diego, Atlanta, Budapest, Nashville, Austin, Huntington Beach and Cascais (Portugal). I will have a bit less travel this year thanks to a bigger team (woo!) but will still be traveling to Lake Tahoe (done), Orlando, Dublin, Nashville and then one or two more stops towards the end of the year.

3. Dave and I met on MySpace! People think this is hilarious and it totally dates us haha. You can read the story here. For funsies, here is a snapshot of the message that he sent me which started it all. Crazy that now we’ve been together for 11 years – all from this little message!

So that’s the basic stuff… now for some random facts!

4. I auditioned for Reading Rainbow when I was about 10 years old. It was a complete fluke – I inherited my great uncle’s stamp collection and joined the Junior Philatelic Society (#nerd) Reading Rainbow I guess was looking for young stamp collectors to be on the show and found me in the database. My dad and I went to their offices with my stamp books and I was asked a bunch of questions… to which I knew nothing about hahaha. I wasn’t a very knowledgeable collector! So needless to say I was not asked to be on the show. BUT I was on TV when I was nine – my school was featured as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and the local news station interviewed kids from each grade and my Assistant Principal picked me.

5. I have nine piercings in my ear, and I used to have my belly button and my tongue pierced. Fun fact – I got my tongue pierced in my dorm room in college! I had it for about a decade until my dentist said it was wearing away at the enamel on my teeth – eesh! Out it came. Out of the nine piercings in my ear, I currently have earrings in five of them. I have six holes on my lobes (2 are filled) and I have two helix piercings (aka cartilage) and I got my conch pierced last year. Next, I want to get my tragus pierced and maybe my forward helix!

6. I’ve watched every single Harry Potter movie in their entirety and in chronological order during a weekend known as “HarryPotterFestaThon” – TWICE. Arielle and I would block out an entire weekend and burn our way through the movies while also live blogging our commentary. Man those were fun. We were going to have another one recently but my scheduling got in the way. Womp.

7. I have really weird pet peeves (at least to me.) Like, I loathe when someone brings food into work, or when leftovers from a restaurant are put away at home, and they are still in the plastic bag in the fridge. I just think it makes the fridge look so messy and people are more likely to forget what’s inside when it’s in the plastic bag. Anyone else?

I also can’t stand when something at work is sent to me for proofing and the font is different for no reason (ie cut and paste job). My team knows this haha and they definitely try to fix it before sending to me. There are more peeves but I don’t want to come across like a complete crazy ;).

8. I can’t sing. Like absolutely have the worst voice ever, and it’s probably the one big thing I wish I could change about myself. I love getting lost in someone who has an amazing singing voice (like Sia – uhhhhhhh her voice!) and it pains me that I am the most horrible singer.

9. I love to read and I read 77 books in 2017. But I also love to reread favorites of mine. My parents used to laugh when I’d come to the dinner table with a book that I’ve already read 35 times. There’s just something about the familiarity and comfort of reading a book that I hold dear to me, knowing the story already and getting lost in it once again. Books I read on repeat? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Summer Sisters, She’s Come Undone, The Ten Best Days of My Life are just some to name a few.

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10. I have never broken a bone or gotten stitches for anything (knock on wood). I did get mono back when I was 14 and I passed out randomly once in a restaurant in Manhattan, but otherwise, I’m relatively unscathed. 🙂

So hopefully that catches you up with me, and hopefully, this’ll kickstart me back into blogging again! I miss it, I do. But I just need that motivation again!

What would you like to see me blog about? What were some of your favorite features on here? 

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  1. MrsGrits says

    YAY! Glad you’re back!
    1. I saw your ‘I met my husband on myspace’ in 2 truths and a lie on instagram the other day and thought FOR SURE this one was the lie. What a fun story!
    2. I also love the book ‘Summer Sisters’ and have reread it multiple times. It’s SO GOOD.

    Welcome Back! 🙂

  2. I’ve missed you!! Very fun learning more about you here. I can’t sing either but I do it anyway!

  3. Welcome back to blogging! Your job sounds SO fun!

  4. Helllllllllo, welcome back! This was fun to read even though I’ve been reading for a long time. <3

  5. Welcome back. You were missed.

    I only have ONE piercing (in my right helix), but I like tragus piercings.

    • Awww thanks!! It’s funny, I went from having a ton of the ear piercings (especially when I worked at Claire’s lol) and then took them out for a long time and now in my 30s I’m adding them back in!

  6. I should reread Summer Sisters – that was a book I read over and over again when I was a teenager/in college. That one and White Oleander and Valley of the Dolls on repeat. I feel like I should definitely read them again as a 34-year-old.

    • I have reread Summer Sisters a ridiculous amount of times. I have never actually read White Oleander (seen the movie) or Valley of the Dolls… going to add those to my list!

  7. Welcome back! I’m seriously behind in my blog reading, but I’m here!

    I used to have my tongue pierced (in college and for a few years afterwards), but took it out after my second job out of college. I used to have a second ear piecing but haven’t used it in years and can’t imagine there is much of a hole left.


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