Sadie’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Wednesday was Sadie’s first day of Kindergarten! WHERE DID MY BABY GO????

I took off work because school doesn’t start until right after 9am and ends before 3:30pm. We enrolled her in the early morning program and the after school care which is the same hours daycare was (and a fraction of the cost, thank goodness) but it doesn’t start on the first day so it just made more sense for me to take off, vs having to work the hours in between. She does qualify for the bus (which is annoyingly right on our street corner – so convenient if we used it!) but she won’t be taking it – at least not for the next few years!

Monday night I got her first day of school chalkboard ready! I had put together her backpack and supplies and everything during the weekend too, and we picked out her first-day outfit. I was working on Tuesday so I didn’t want to have to rush through everything! Every so often I’m good and I prepare for things ahead of time vs procrastinating. 😉

Sadie's First Day of Kindergarten | Perks of Being a JAP |

Her aspirations haven’t changed since her last day of preschool – she still wants to be a model and a singer – but she did add a new color to her favorites! If you’re looking for the chalkboard and chalkboard paint markers I used you can find them here and here. (I’ve had people ask before!)

Tuesday evening I put her first lunch together! Lunch was provided at her daycare/preschool so I never had to pack her a lunch before! After seeing Yumboxes on a bunch of blogs/Instagram etc I purchased a couple and some extra inserts – they are perfect for what Sadie calls “snacky lunch!”

Snacky Lunch - Yumbox | Perks of Being a JAP |

And before she went to bed we made sure to read a Kindergarten themed book – lovingly gifted to Sadie by her preschool!

Sadie's First Day of Kindergarten | Perks of Being a JAP |

Wednesday morning Sadie was up early (thank goodness – last year it was a struggle to get her up in the mornings – I am sure she will go back to that soon) and while Dave was getting ready he spotted a surprise outside! The school PTA went around and put these signs on every incoming Kindergarten student’s yard – how cool! (School info covered for privacy!) 

Sadie's First Day of Kindergarten | Perks of Being a JAP |

How awesome is that!! I went to a city school and we definitely didn’t have a supportive PTA like this! I love little details like that – it was so sweet and definitely got Sadie even more excited for her first day! I got Sadie ready to leave a little earlier than we needed to be out of the house so we could take pictures! It was drizzly all day but luckily cleared up just enough for some photos. Complete disclosure – I took pictures with my nice camera only to realize once we got to school that I didn’t have a memory card in the camera! UGHHH. #momfail So this picture is a retake after school hahaha.

Sadie's First Day of Kindergarten | Perks of Being a JAP |

We rolled up to school and headed to the Kindergarten entrance. An aide came out to meet Sadie, help with her stuff and she ran in! I had to call her back to give me a hug and a kiss goodbye! Oy. I mean, I’m thankful for it, I’d much rather that than have her be hysterical crying at the entrance like some of the kids were.

Sadie's First Day of Kindergarten | Perks of Being a JAP |

I knew she would do well – she’s a very sociable kid and always introduces herself to kids on the playground, but I was still nervous for her! She was at the same school from a few months old through preschool so it was new territory for her. I headed to her school to pick her up and got there early. Hung out outside the kindergarten wing and they started to release the kids. Then the crowd dwindled and myself and another mom were left there with no kids! After trying not to panic and talking to teachers we found out they put our kids on the bus! I had removed Saide from the bus list AND told her teacher at Kindergarten meet the teacher that I would be picking her up and they still put her on!

I FLEW HOME, hysterical, and was panicked that I would miss the bus! Luckily the stop is right on our corner but I was cursing every light I hit. I wasn’t worried about Sadie being ON the bus, hell I knew she would LOVE being on the bus, but I didn’t want her to get there and not have me waiting. Thankfully I made it with a few minutes to space and she bounded off the bus happy as a clam, almost forgetting her bag and stuff on the seat.

And a moment before the bus pulled up her teacher called me so upset and extremely apologetic. She thought I would be sending a note that I would be picking up Sadie and I thought that me telling her at meet-the-teacher and having her write it on her list WAS the note. Sigh. She really felt horrible, and Sadie was safe so that’s all that matters. But good lord. I think it took me hours to come down from that adrenaline rush!

All in all, Sadie had a great day! She got to see one of her preschool friends at lunch and play with her, enjoyed her class and made some friends, and is excited to go back! So really, couldn’t have had a better day! (Bus situation aside.)

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  1. Oh, that’s so stressful about the bus! But I’m so glad Sadie loved her first day of school & her bus ride. She is just the cutest!
    Kate @ GreatestEscapist recently posted…What I Bought on Amazon: Summer EditionMy Profile

  2. Sounds like Sadie had a great day other than the bus fiasco. I remember being in elementary school and accidentally taking the bus when I was supposed to stay for after school care – it was stressful! I love the lawn sign idea. I saw those around the town where my in-laws’ live, in June, for the gradating seniors!
    Dara recently posted…What I’ve Been Reading #160My Profile

  3. SO glad Sadie had a great first day, bus incident aside. Freaks me out a little that you have a school aged child. May her entire school career be happy!

  4. She’s the cutest. So glad she had a great first day. She looks happy!
    San recently posted…Friday Five | Post-run snacks & mealsMy Profile

  5. Oh my goodness I adore her! She DOES remind me so much of my Emily. I bet they would be two peas in a pod. So happy that she had a great first day!
    Beth Newman recently posted…Choosing My BattlesMy Profile


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