Purging the Hall Closet/Cubby

Purging the Hall Closet/Cubby | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

Well it has been MONTHS since I’ve a) purged an area of my house and b) shared it with you! Sigh. I’ve got some updates on the year of purging so here we go!

I don’t have photos of it, but we purged the den a few months ago. The den was a crap hole haha. It was mainly storage for Dave’s instruments and was supposed to be his studio as well, but it would just get filled with random crap that we were storing down there. I used it for storage for Sadie’s clothes for weeks while I was sorting through her stuff, and it wasn’t a space that we could use at all. One day I got the bug in me and we tackled the den! We cleaned out every nook and cranny, threw out two huge garbage bags of stuff and reorganized Dave’s instruments and music gear. Then we brought Sadie’s toys down from the living room and made the space a combo music room/play room. It’s been great! It frees up space in our living room/dining room (where her toys were – including a play kitchen and toy chest) and if it’s a bit messy down there, I don’t care! Because you can’t see it unless you go downstairs.

I will share pictures in the future because we are undertaking a MAJOR renovation soon. Plans are just getting finalized and then we will hopefully start work next month! Eeek!

So, I did take photos of our hall closet and cubby area. When you walk into our home, immediately to your right is our hall closet. This is what it looked like at the height of the chaos:

Hall Closet Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

Disastrous. Dave’s shoes were unceremoniously thrown into a heap at the bottom of the closet every day. Umbrellas were shoved into a stand in the corner that you could barely get to. Coats were shoved on hangers and it was like a game of Jenga trying to get one out because they were so jammed in. And the shelves on top (there are two) were an abyss of things that you wanted access to, but really couldn’t get to.

I first went in and made Dave go through his shoes, coats and other miscellanies to see if there was anything he was willing to get rid of. Luckily Dave isn’t one of those guys that hang onto things for longer than they should be, so he’s usually pretty good at parting with stuff he doesn’t wear or things that are too worn out.

Next, I went through my and Sadie’s stuff and the rest of the crap that was on the top two shelves. Once all of the extra stuff was taken out, I set to organizing!

Hall Closet Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

The two biggest and most notable changes are the shoe rack and the baskets on the shelves. This shoe rack is a game changer. Now Dave has a spot for all of his shoes and they aren’t just in a heap on the floor. I have most of my shoes in our bedroom, but we also have this large basket (similaron the floor on the other side of the closet where Sadie and I deposit shoes as we walk in. Some of our snow and rain boots are in this closet as well.

Hall Closet Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

I moved the umbrella stand out from the closet and put it in a little space that is behind our TV console. As long as we put the umbrellas back dry it’ll be fine there.

I took time to organize the coats – so now my jackets are on the left with the least used being the farthest back, Sadie’s are in the middle, minus the coat she wears the most often that season hanging on the hook on the door, and Dave’s are on the right. I also separated each of our coats with a hanger that has our scarves on it. Before they were all pushed into the far corner of the closet, making them really hard to reach.

For the shelves on top, I actually removed a board from the very top shelf that made it deeper but also harder for me to reach/see anything. On top now are some bags of Dave’s and a hat box that was my grandpa’s that I just think is cool, and our car manuals. The bottom shelf now hold’s Sadie’s PFD, Dave’s bike sneakers and the bins I mentioned before. I wanted a way to be able to see what was in them without them being see-through so I used these chalkboard labels (similar) I had in my stash.

Hall Closet Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

“Misc.” has wreath hooks and some other random stuff, “Summer” has our beach bag, suntan lotions and other things that would be needed outside and “Winter” has a snowman kit, ski goggles, etc.

I’m happy to say it’s been a few months since I’ve purged this closet and it is still this organized! Woo hoo!

Next to our closet, we have a cubby. Or shelves. Or something. I am not sure what to call it. It’s a built-in that looks like this:

Hall Cubby Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

We think at one time it may have held a small television or something because there is some random cabling back there too. This is where I store reusable bags (that I always forget to use), our hats and gloves (one bin for each of us) and then we throw bags and other crap in there daily. I hate that its so visible and is such a disaster.

Hall Cubby Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com


After removing everything and figuring out what could go upstairs and what could be thrown out, I set out to remove some of the shelves. There’s no need for all of the shelves but unfortunately, I could only really remove one. The previous owner left us with a lot of great wooden accents and built-ins (like this) but he wasn’t the most… conventional builder so this had wood wedged in this way and that way, making it impossible to take apart without a sledgehammer. So I did what I could.

Hall Cubby Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

By removing that middle shelf I have room to stack some of the bins (until I figure out a better storage solution) and to stand my bags upright. It’s much better for now, but I want a more permanent solution.

Ideally I’d make this little nook into a bench area where you could sit and put on shoes, BUT we live in a side split, so the top of the cubby here is actually the floor of a closet in our space bedroom – it’s not possible to expand it without cutting into that closet, which is already tiny enough as is.

Hall Cubby Plans | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksfofbeingajap.com

So, one day Dave will take a sledgehammer to this and rip everything out, add in some hooks, maybe a file organizer for papers we need, and make it more usable. Any ideas for this space would be greatly appreciated! (And Dave… feeling bored? Want to start this project?) 🙂

Right now I am in the midst of organizing the spare bedroom which looks like a bomb went off in it. (Note to self – take “before” pictures before organizing anymore.

How is your purging going? Any projects completed this summer?

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  1. When I did my hall closet, I also added a shoe rack and more bins on the top, plus an over the door shoe rack for hats and gloves and sunglasses and things! Your projects look great.
    Dara recently posted…Protect Your Skin With Coola SuncareMy Profile

  2. I love a good purge! I did this with our house last year and it felt soooo good! I’m ready for another round but I just don’t have the time!
    Lindsay @ Lindsay’s Sweet World recently posted…Simple & Stylish Way to Organize Hair AccessoriesMy Profile

  3. Looks great, Lacey! Good progress!
    I’ve purged some clothes that I will send to ThredUp… we’ll see if they’ll take them 🙂
    San recently posted…Currently | AugustMy Profile

  4. Ooh I love organization/home-related posts. This is awesome. When KC and I were first married, we lived in a teeeeeny tiny campus student housing apartment. Like. Tiny tiny. The only storage we did have, were our closets. We had a coat closet, a pantry/utility closet, and a bedroom closet. One way we maximized our space was by using shoe type over-the-door container pockets on the inside of the closets for miscellany. We used another one for food/spices/ziplocs etc. in our pantry, it was pretty small. Even though we live in bigger spaces now (still not huge) we still use the coat closet ones! I love how a few simple changes helped your spaces. XO – Alexandra

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