Five on a Friday 7.7.17

Happy Friday! This week was so bizarre. I had a three day work week but it felt sooooo long!


Sadie is now home with Dave for the summer and if we let her, she’d be on the tablet all day. I saw former blogger Aliya (who is super active on Snapchat now) make a checklist for her kids with stuff they had to do in the summer before screen time and I thought it was a fantastic idea, so I made my own for Sadie!

Summer Checklist for Kids | Perks of Being a JAP |

It’s only been a couple of days, but it’s been working so far! She works really well off of sticker charts and checklists. I laminated the sheet and put it on our fridge along with a wipe-erase marker that I hot glued a magnet to, so it sticks to the fridge as well!


Have you been watching American Gods? OMG. We have been told by so many people to watch and it’s amazing. And so confusing! We honestly watch every episode and end up being entirely confused by the whole thing. But it’s great! I fell asleep during the last episode so I need to rewatch some to see if any of it made sense.

Now we need to figure out what to start next! We have to catch up on so many shows – House of Cards, Orange is the New Black… and then Game of Thrones starts soon and all bets are off!


My mornings have been SO much easier since I don’t have to get Sadie up and ready for school, and then drive her to school! Of course that’ll all go back to our frantic pace in September, but for now, I am relishing in my slightly lazier, slower paced mornings. Ahhh!


Tonight is date night!! My parents took Sadie for a sleepover and so Dave and I get to go out! By ourselves! And not have to carry a bag with crayons and restaurant activities! Well, maybe I’ll still bring the crayons. 😉 We’re deciding between two places to go to for dinner… I can’t wait!


I think I’m going to get my conch pierced this weekend! I am so excited. I haven’t gotten a piercing in well over a decade! AHHHH.

I have two cartilage piercings and my nose pierced… and I used to have my belly button and tongue pierced too! I’ve been itching for something… now just to bite the bullet and do it!

What piercings do you have? Happy weekend!

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  1. I love the summer checklist!
    Dara recently posted…10 Daily Habits & 1 I Need To Work On with Himalaya Botanique ToothpasteMy Profile

  2. Lindsay says:

    Oh man, I have/had SO many piercings!! Love the new ear addition though!

  3. I only have a single piercing… in my right helix. I don’t even have my earlobes pierced… I don’t know anyone who doesn’t! LOL
    I like the spot you wanna get pierced… I also like tragus piercings.
    San recently posted…Favorite Things Giveaway + Blog HopMy Profile

  4. Love the checklist! We have a Melissa and Doug reward chart, which I like, but we have been TERRIBLE about using it over the summer! Got to get back into it, or the school year is going to be awful!

    Which pre-K workbooks do you like?
    Suzanne recently posted…Cake Plans and Why I Am (Currently) Mad at the Bubble GuppiesMy Profile


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