Five on a Friday 4.21.17

Happy Friday! April has FLOWN by and it just keeps getting busier!!


I just discovered that you can have bitmoji on your computer! They added a chrome extension and OMG I am in bitmoji heaven haha.


Sometimes I just need to have mindless TV on when I am home and since we got rid of cable its not like I can just flip to Bravo anytime I want. 😉 BUT there is some stuff on Netflix! Right now I’ve been watching past seasons of Skin Wars! OMG this show. It’s kind of terrible, but kind of awesome at the same time. And I LOVE RuPaul! He (she?) throws out some real zingers as a judge.



Sadie’s birthday party is coming up and I feel like I have so much to do. The place we’re having it at this year doesn’t include a lot of stuff last year’s gymnastics studio did (and it’s more money… grr.) I need to order a cake this weekend… and put together party favors. Luckily I got to work with Oriental Trading on the paper goods and stuff for the party… can you guess the theme Sadie went with? (It was between this and Moana.)



I had a whole Day in the Life post prepared to share with Julia from My Life in Translation… but as I was uploading all the photos and the notes I jotted down throughout the day I just felt like it was SO BORING. So I deleted it all. I don’t know. When it came down to forming it all into an actual post I had no energy to do it because who cares that I worked all day and ate sushi for lunch? Snooze.


I haven’t yet tried the Starbucks Unicorn drink (and don’t know that I will) but I have rediscovered the Iced Green Tea Latte! Mmm. I had a reward the other day too so I treated myself to a venti!

Screw the Unicorn drink… the green drink is where it’s at! (Grean Tea Lattee mmmm)

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  1. My mom loves that green tea latte, & I swear it tastes like the Earth, haha. But I don’t think I’ll be trying to Unicorn Frapp, either. Seems like people only want it for the Instagrams!

  2. I don’t think I’m going to try a unicorn drink either. I don’t think I’d like it. But it’s pretty! So is your tea!
    Dara recently posted…What I’ve Been Reading #153–Close Enough To TouchMy Profile

    • There are so many baristas now on social media BEGGING people not to order it haha. The Starbucks by me says its sold out – who knows if that’s true or they just don’t want to make it!

  3. That sushi looks delicious!!! Who cares if your DITL was boring? I don’t think that anything exciting happened the day that I recorded, but most people’s lives are not exciting anyway! The point is to be able to look back at some point in the future at what your daily life was like.

    I don’t drink fraps or coffee at all so I can’t imagine drinking the unicorn frap.
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…Wes is 9 months old!My Profile


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