My Home Purging Plan

One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I tend to get really overzealous about something and immerse myself in it only to abandon it down the road. Hobbies, projects, fitness – you name it, it’s happened.

With this purge that I am undertaking this year I want to make sure I make the goal obtainable for myself and don’t burn out quickly or easily. Because I know exactly what will happen. I’ll start purging a room, I’ll get super into it and all hyped up, I’ll go nuts in like, three different areas, getting rid of tons of stuff and then I’ll get tired/overwhelmed and I’ll stop without completing the job.

That’s why I went through my house room by room and looked at all the different areas I want to purge and came up with my Home Purging List.

Home Purging List | Perks of Being a JAP |

There are some things I didn’t include that are already pretty pared down or that we go through on a regular basis. Like, Dave is pretty good at going through our freezers regularly and using what’s in there before buying more of something. And we don’t have a laundry room, so I don’t have to worry about that (we have our washer/dryer in the basement and until we upgrade the basement, that’s all it is.)

I’m also giving myself a year to tackle these areas. If I finish ahead of time, great. But I’m not looking to rush through this. I know how busy I am and also how much my rest/leisure time means to me. So if I can do one area a month, I’ll be golden.

Another thing I did was focus on specific areas versus an entire room. Clearing out the kitchen sounds so daunting. But breaking it up into smaller sections like cabinets, pantry, etc – totally doable!

If you’re purging this year, what’s your game plan?


  1. This is smart! Last weekend, Mike & I did some serious purging of our guest room, which has basically been a black hole since we moved in in March. Now, it’s got some nice makeshift bookshelves & clean, organized drawers, & it actually feels inviting. Purging can make such a difference!
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  2. Great plan! I’m with you on not burning out too soon! I know I’m only 10 days in but so far so good 😉

  3. I’m working on mine, this week is the kitchen and yesterday I cleaned out the pantry and one cabinet. Today I’m up to more cabinets!
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  4. I have been purging like crazy lately, it is such a great feeling.

  5. I’m a tornado when I clean, and I bite off more than I can chew. So usually whatever I’m cleaning/purging kind of looks like hell for a couple of days, but at the end it is OCD heaven. 🙂 I like to just pull EVERYTHING out onto a bed, floor, etc. so they space I’m cleaning is empty, then put back only the things I want to keep. I also keep a giant contractor garbage bag there for things to toss, and large reusable totes for donations.

    It’s like that old show Clean Sweep on TLC or HGTV? Three piles, Keep, Toss, Donate.
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  6. Great post! My plan for purging this year was moving from Florida to South Carolina! Nothing makes you want to throw out more stuff than an out of state move. We went through closets, drawers and shredded a bunch of papers. It felt so good to purge plus it meant less for us to pack!
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