Sunday Lately: Redoing, Making, Choosing, Concentrating, Appreciating

Sunday Lately 1.8.2017 | Perks of Being a JAP |
Back with another Sunday Lately! This week’s words are:

Redoing, Making, Choosing, Concentrating, Appreciating

Redoing – My living room! Sort of. We got a new rug. 🙂 After all of the Christmas and Hanukkah decorations were packed away we moved some of Sadie’s toy paraphernalia around and moved a piece of furniture from the living room to our upstairs landing, freeing up some space.  I’ve also hated our rug for awhile and have been pining to get rid of it. Thanks to a great sale on I found a rug that I liked and voila – brightened up my living room!

Old Rug:

Old Rug | Perks of Being a JAP |

New Rug:
New Rug | Perks of Being a JAP |

Making – Plans to get a new laptop. Sigh. Just this weekend I realized the battery in my laptop was dead and turns out you can’t just order a new one! There’s no external battery. Lovely. I am looking into a Chromebook or maybe even a Surface Pro.

Choosing – To focus on the positivity. I’ve been a bit stressed about things and in a little bit of a personal slump so I am trying to focus on being positive each day instead of immediately negative or ambivalent. On days I do that I have to say it works!

Concentrating – On keeping the urge to purge going. 🙂 I find that I’m getting rid of things more easily than I did before. While I think Marie Kondo is a cuckoo bird, I do like her approach of asking yourself if something brings you joy when debating on whether to keep it or not. (But I’m not going to hug my socks!)


Appreciating – That Dave will bundle up and go outside in the snow with Sadie! I’m what you’d call “indoorsy.” When it snowed a couple of weeks ago and Dave was away skiing I went out with Sadie, but yesterday he was home and so I put myself on hot chocolate duty and let him take on the outdoors! He enjoys it and I’d rather not haha, so it works out.

Fun in the Snow | Perks of Being a JAP |

Sunday Lately | Perks of Being a JAP |


  1. I absolutely love your new rug! It really brightens up the whole room!
    Janine recently posted…NARS x Sarah Moon “True Story” PaletteMy Profile

  2. The Marie Kondo scene during Gilmore Girls totally cracked me up. I have too much stuff, but I’m much better at getting rid of it these days. It used to be hard for me to get rid of clothes that didn’t fit, but now I feel better because I sell a lot of them!
    Aubrey recently posted…Sunday Lately: Redoing, Making, Choosing, Concentrating, AppreciatingMy Profile

    • As part of my purge this year I need to go into my closet and flip all my hangers around (I think I learned this trick from you?) So then I can see what I don’t wear. I am holding onto some stuff that I don’t fit into… I am not sure why. I don’t think I’ll ever get back down to my post Sadie weight (I actually weighed LESS after her than I did before) so I should just give it up.

  3. The rug looks great! I’m doing a purge in my house too. And I hate going outside in the cold!
    Dara recently posted…Daily Goodie Box–ReviewMy Profile

  4. I’m here to compliment the rug too! Haha. It’s crazy how much it changed the look of your space!!

  5. That rug is so great!! Love!

    I had the dead-battery-that-refuses-to-charge issue a few years ago, a fully functioning laptop was MAGICAL after that mess.

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…AuthenticityMy Profile

    • Thanks!! I am not looking forward to spending the money on a new laptop, but I guess it’ll be nice to have one that I can UNPLUG haha. I need to head to a Best Buy to test drive some of them.

  6. Love the new rug and that snow picture is adorableeeeeeeeeee!
    And ugh…. purging. GOALS for me for January.

  7. Sometimes it’s so hard to stay positive when life is all over the place! I know how you feel. My life has been crazy lately but I’ve been trying to remind myself to remain positive and open minded to change.

    By the way, I love the new rug! It suits the room perfectly!
    Shannon recently posted…2017 Personal GoalsMy Profile

  8. I looooove the new rug!
    Kate recently posted…What I Read in JanuaryMy Profile


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