Thoughts While Binge Watching Gilmore Girls

Thoughts While Binge Watching Gilmore Girls | Perks of Being a JAP |

From about October to the end of December I binge watched all 153 episodes of Gilmore Girls and then the four A Year in the Life episodes.

Now, my life feels empty and without meaning.

Nah, I’m just kidding. But I do wonder why I a) never watched the show when it originally aired and b) what I am going to do now with my free time?

As a brand new viewer, I thought I’d share my thoughts while watching Gilmore Girls for the first time.

In no particular order:

Sometimes Rory sounds like a baby. Not like she’s whining or anything, but her voice literally sounds like that of a small child.

Emily Gilmore has the BEST stink eye. That woman could teach a workshop on perfecting the stink eye. PRAISE EMILY GILMORE.

Why would Lorelai try to get Rory into Chilton without figuring out beforehand how she could afford it? I mean, hello!

Although Richard Gilmore tends to overreact when it comes to Rory I ADORE their relationship. So sweet!

It took me until the A Year in the Life episodes to realize that Alex Borstein plays Miss Celine!

Dean kind of annoys me. Yes, he was the sweetest boyfriend Rory had but I felt like he was also a puss.

Rory should have dated Marty at Yale.

I friggen love the Jackson & Suki dynamic! And how funny that Jackson is married to Drella/Miss Celine in real life!

I have a love/hate relationship with Michel. And his accent.

I go back and forth about whether Lorelai should be with Luke or Christopher…. but I’m happy how it turned out!

Sometimes I really think Lorelai is just an awful human being.

WTF is up with Tristan? And with Paris? Are they just allowed to be that rude? Does no one care?

Granted that Emily & Richard Gilmore don’t seem like the world’s most caring, nurturing parents but Lorelai certainly doesn’t do anything to add to that relationship. Like, you’re an adult. Stop hiding stuff from them! You get engaged to Max, you don’t tell them.  You get engaged to Luke, you don’t tell them. JESUS WOMAN!

Lorelai is also a hypocrite when it comes to Christopher – she totally pulls sh*t on him that she would freak out about if he pulled on her.

Can we discuss how much love I have for Jess? Yes, he’s a little too angry and brooding but OMG I adore him. And I think he is awesome for Rory and pushes her in ways she hasn’t yet experienced.

That being said, I also like Logan! At first, I loathed him but he so redeemed himself.

OMG why does the town put up with Taylor? He is quite possibly the most frustrating, manipulating, annoying character I’ve encountered. And then Jackson won the election in town only to give the role back to Taylor later without any explanation or reason on the show?

Kirk and Mrs. Kim are two of my favorite characters on the show.

I also love the Jackson & Sookie relationship.

Luke dating Nicole was just dumb. Was it supposed to be an opposites attract type of relationship? So random.

I get that Luke has always had a thing for Lorelai, but he’s too much of a sucker when it comes to her. Grow a pair man!

Jason is a weirdo. I’m glad Lorelai didn’t wind up with him. ‘Nuff said.

I feel like Rory would never actually drop out of Yale. Why didn’t they ever refer to it as just taking a semester off vs dropping out? It seemed very unlike her character.

Ughhhh, April Nardini. Why? Why? WHY???? I kind of ended up liking her in the end, to be honest, but was just so unnecessary.

The whole Sookie/no birth control & Jackson/no vasectomy storyline really infuriated me! They were both effed in this one.

I adore Logan’s friend Finn. I know he’s basically comic relief but I love him.

Was anyone else bothered by the fact that Mia (the Independence Inn owner) was played by two actresses?

The Bon Voyage episode was PERFECT. I mean PERFECT.

If you haven’t watched A Year in the Life yet, you may want to skip the below comments! 

So no one cares that throughout the rest of Gilmore Girls there is no Mr. Kim, but he shows up for one episode now and it’s fine? WTH?

Zack did NOT age well. Like, Sebastian Bach looks better than the guy who plays Zack.

There should have been more Jess in this series. MORE JESS!!

When Rory goes off with the Life & Death Brigade and says goodbye to them in the manner of the Wizard of OZ I almost teared up when she said goodbye to Finn “I think I’ll miss you the most.”… but then they broke it up wonderfully… “We can hear you!”

And this whole Life & Death Brigade scene is the BEST.

I love how Emily up and changes her life and does what she wants for a change. Such a nice ending for her. Although at the end when she was in Nantucket and walking towards the cliff I was like OH GOD PLEASE DON’T KILL HER OFF! Phew.


Also, have you checked out any of the fan theories from after A Year in the Life? There are SO many and some are totally plausible. Like, Rory being a surrogate for Lorelai & Luke… or the book Rory writes about her relationship with her mother being a story of fiction, and the earlier 7 seasons are the book vs their actual relationship… it goes on and on and on.

Were you a fan of Gilmore Girls when it was on or watch the revival? Thoughts? Any other shows on your binge list?


  1. I love the original show and was so excited for the new episodes but after watching them, I felt that I could have done without. In fact, I really resent how it ended. I also agree: not enough Jess! I didn’t like him when I was young and watching he show on air but I do now. I never did like Logan.
    Janine recently posted…2016 Year in ReviewMy Profile

  2. I seriously need to rewatch the whole series… I never watched all seasons in chronological order.
    San recently posted…Five Guidelines for 2017My Profile

  3. I watched from the time the pilot aired (and own the collector DVD set), but since the new episodes were coming out, I rewatched it all. What’s interesting to me is that I was always Team Jess, now that I’m older, I’m also Team Logan. I’m with you though, Rory was never my favorite. My top favs are Emily, Paris, Mrs. Kim, and Michel. The honest, brazen, flawed ones!

    I think I particularly connected to the show because I am the same age as Rory; we graduated high school the same year, and I was a sort of Rory/Paris combo in a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde way. More Paris though.

    The new episodes had some extraneous garbage (cough, the musical, cough) but honestly, I liked the trip down memory lane. And I didn’t hate the ending. It’s the circle of life…
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    • I totally agree that the musical was pointless. I felt like it was an act of nepotism done by Amy Sherman-Palladino on behalf of Sutton Foster since she was in her canceled show Bunheads. I love me some Sutton Foster but it was just silly.

  4. I was always a little worried stating that I felt Lorelai was sometimes just an awful person. While I thought the show was entertaining, and enjoyed watching it… I’m pretty sure I’d hate half these people if I met them in real life.
    Erini recently posted…Why I didn’t talk about books at all last year.My Profile

  5. I love the show and mostly agree with you! I didn’t know there were theories like you mentioned, that’s kinda cool!
    Dara recently posted…Daily Goodie Box–ReviewMy Profile

  6. Oh, I have SO MANY OPINIONS about Gilmore Girls, I was mostly disappointed by the last 4 episodes, to be honest. Perhaps I think I’ve grown in ways that neither Rory or Lorelei was able to, and that annoyed me, and maybe that’s unfair? But, it is what it is.

    Also, #teamjess

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…AuthenticityMy Profile

    • I think because I binge watched them all in a row I was more open to the last four episodes than some other people. However, I am listening to a Nerdette Podcast recap of the reboot and find myself agreeing with so many things that they disliked. I guess I’m torn!



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