Goals, To-Dos… Review & a Word For 2017

I don’t like resolutions. To me, resolutions imply that there’s something wrong with you that needs fixing or improving. And well yeah… there’s always things that I want to improve upon and better about myself, but I don’t like the metric at the end of the year telling you if you kept your resolution or not. If I don’t, does that mean I’m not a good person? Or I didn’t better myself?

This is how I started off my first post of the new year on January 2, 2016. And while I still don’t really care for resolutions per say, I did make myself a to-do list for the last year. How did I do?

I want to write more. I give myself a pass on this one. I blogged pretty regularly (in comparison to last year for sure.) However, I barely touched my The Grass is Green Enough journal or my blank journal.

I’d like to keep my house cleaner. HAHAHAHA. FAIL. I even mapped out a chore calendar back during the summer but still need to put it into calendar format and start using it. Big ole fail.

Start bringing breakfast and lunch to work again. NOPE. I go through phases with this one, but for the most part, I did not follow through, with the exception of when I was doing the 21 Day Fix. I really need to start again both for my health and for my wallet.

Read more new books. A+ on this one! My December book post as well as a recap of what I read over the year is coming up, but I read a crap ton of new books this year thanks to my kindle, Bookbub, Netgalley, Amazon deals and other programs.

So all in all… 2 out of 4? Haha. This year I decided I want to focus on a word, and maybe some other to-do’s as well. My word for 2017 is:

Word of 2017 - Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

That’s right, PURGE.

Not purge as in throw up or purge as in the movie series The Purge, but purge, as in:

Word of 2017 - Purge | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

For me, this means:

I want to physically purge our home. Maybe I’ll make it a feature where month by month I’ll pick a room, purge the f*ck out of it and share the before and after results.

Anything that causes me unhappiness in my life, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, relationships, etc – if it causes me unhappiness, it should be purged. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Life is too short to be unhappy.

Purge the unhealthy eating habits. I don’t want to make this unrealistic, but there needs to be a change. While we won’t be purging the house of all unhealthy food, we (Dave and me) need to start meal planning again and making better food choices. I also need to start bringing breakfast and lunch to work again. I’ll allow myself cheat days/meals, but overall a purge is needed.
I am hoping that this word keeps me grounded throughout 2017 and reminds me of the things I want in my life and what’s not worth it and needs to be purged.

Do you have a word, or goals, a to-do list or resolutions for 2017?



  1. Check out Konmari (it seriously works! And just take parts of it that work for you but the flow of the purging and how to store things makes sense!) also unfuckyourhabitat.com for awesome cleaning checklists! Those both helped me *try* to get a better routine and thought process going. Good luck and happy new year!

    • I just can’t get over hugging your socks and thanking them via Konmari! I do know the principles though and definitely am looking to apply those. Totally checking out unfuckyourhabitat.com – thanks!!

  2. I was also thinking Konmari when I read the “purge” word! While I think Kondo is a little cuckoo, she gives some good advice. We use every cranny of our apartment… I store cat food and litter under the guest bath sink, and sparkling water cases under the living room side table! We definitely get creative, and I go through these phases where I will throw away or donate a half dozen garbage bags full of stuff.
    Aubrey recently posted…2016: Looking BackMy Profile

    • I think Kondo is a little cuckoo too! But I like some of her ideas. I am slowly purging each space of the house – one spot at a time to not overwhelm myself!

  3. Oh I agree so much with the need to purge this year! While it won’t be my word for 2016, it will be one of the things I’m focusing on! Good luck!!!

  4. Purge is a great word for 2017 and one that I could really stand to use as well.

  5. I need to declutter, and lose more weight this year!
    Dara recently posted…Lee Stafford CHoPstick Curler Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  6. The purge thing has been bigtime on my mind, too. Purging everything! PURGE ALL THE THINGS!

    I’m still working on my resolutions, but so far they are shaping up to be about the same as all previous years. Slump.

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…Financial Detox: January Spending FreezeMy Profile

    • I don’t necessarily think that having the same resolutions year over year is a bad thing! People are works in progress – resolutions should reflect that too! <3

  7. I love the word you picked for this year. That is a good one… very useful to rid oneself of unhelpful things!
    I’ll be posting my word for 2017 in a couple of days.
    San recently posted…A year in review: 2016My Profile


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