Lacing Up My Running Shoes

I’ve been running again.

Remember when I was hanging up my running shoes? I took about a year off from running and I don’t regret it in the slightest. My body and mind were not in a place where I enjoyed running or even the feeling you get after a run because who are we kidding – no one enjoys running! I dreaded everything leading up to and during the run and decided to stop in my tracks and give it up. That didn’t necessarily mean for forever but just until I was in the right place again to take it up.

This summer as I was working from home for a few weeks it felt like the right time to put my shoes back on and hit the pavement.

Back into Running | Perks of Being a JAP |

I’m in pink in the middle

As I started running again I made myself some promises.

  • Don’t compare. I have friends who run 10 miles ++ on an almost daily basis. And I have connections on Nike+Run Club that kick my ass in miles each month. But you know what? I’m not them. And they aren’t me.

The miles I run are better than the miles I don’t.

  • Cut myself some slack. Yes, sometimes I need to kick my own butt and literally push myself out the door so I run because I know I’ll feel good afterwards. But if deep down I’m really not feeling it, or I just want to rest, or I didn’t sleep well, I won’t force it.
  • Don’t overcommit. Each time I really take up running again I get all excited and into it and then sign up for like 10 5ks, a 10k and a half marathon. Sheesh. (And I have never run a half so clearly I have commitment issues.) So far I’ve signed up for (and run…. sort of) a 5k and I’m looking at another one maybe in November.
  • Don’t beat myself up. I get really down on myself if I can’t complete a training run or I don’t have a good run. I have trained myself that if I don’t have a good run or if I have to do more intervals than I’m supposed to that it’s ok!

I’m going faster than everyone who is sitting on their couch!

Hopefully, as I keep this habit up (god willing) I’ll be posting more about the different things I use when I run, what I listen to, tricks and tips, races and more. I’m no expert but as a working mom struggling to get those runs in I want to share what works for me in the hopes it may help someone else!


  1. All good advice…I have been thinking of starting to run again even though I know I hate it and I’m so awful at it!
    Dara recently posted…A Carly For All Seasons–LuLaRoe GiveawayMy Profile

    • Honestly Couch to 5k is the only way I ever get it done. Otherwise if I just go out and try to run I am immediately discouraged and don’t get anywhere (literally!)

  2. I always want to run. But it’s that traditional fear of “I’m going to suck at this and not even make it 2 blocks,” so I never start. I think if I maybe get back in the habit of walking again, maybe I can convince myself. (Or convince a friend to join me on the gym’s track.) I should try embracing some of your own tips! Cut myself some slack and just get out there.
    Erini recently posted…Crushworthy: Things I’m loving #2My Profile

    • Cutting yourself some slack is the biggest thing. And not feeling bad if you don’t progress right away. I did a 5k and could only run a mile straight without stopping. Now its been a couple weeks since I’ve run and I know I need to rewind a couple of weeks in my training to pick back up again.

  3. Good job, lady! I’d love to read more about your running shenanigans (because as you know, I’ve been running and posting about it, too).
    All great advice, btw. So hard to keep in mind though sometimes.

  4. A friend told me that anyone who can run 1 mile without stopping can consider themselves a runner. I love that mentality. There are hugs differences in the TYPES of runners…but compared to those who can’t run a mile? Yep. A runner.



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