Favorite Things of Mine Volume 2

I last shared my list of my favorite things back in March and I’ve got a whole new list to share with you now! I don’t know about you but I kind of love these posts. I get to see what other bloggers are into and check out some good products that are recommended by people I trust!

Right now I’m loving…

Favorite Things - Volume 2 | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

1. Pokémon GO – I am SO late to the bandwagon with this one but hear me out. I downloaded the game when it first came out and everyone was like OMG GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! Then I deleted it because of the supposed information stealing, downloaded it again, couldn’t really figure out how to play (or use PokeStops) deleted it, etc and so forth. On vacation, my 13-year-old nephew and my sister-in-law were playing (obsessively) and I caught the bug. Now I’m level 10 (WOO!) and loving life because my job has like 5 PokeStops and 2 Gyms by it.

2. My Phone Ring – GAME CHANGER. My same sister-in-law (hi Adrienne!) gave this to me for my birthday and it’s great! You attached it to the back of your phone/phone case and then you can slip your finger through the ring so you don’t have to hold the phone itself. Especially for those of you who have big-ass phones, I think this would be fantastic! If I’m just running to the store and don’t want to bring a purse I can just slide my finger through the ring and not worry about dropping my phone. There is also a hook attachment for your car so you can put your phone on the dash but mine kept sliding off from the heat – I may try again when it’s colder.

3. Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers – These were on my last favorites list and I’m including them again because I am still THAT obsessed with them. Nothing gets rid of my blemishes better and yes, at 33, I still get plenty of them. I wish they came in a bigger package because I go through them pretty fast but oh goodness I love these things. Nexcare – please don’t ever discontinue these!

4. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap Almond Scent – I’ve been going nuts reading organization blogs and decided to start making my own cleaning spray! I hate the chemical smell of all those surface cleaners and everything always remains streaky. I bought distilled water, a spray bottle, some microfiber towels and Dr. Bronner’s soap in a delicious almond scent and I love it! I love the smell as I’m cleaning and I swear it gets my countertops cleaner than before – and no streaks! I use it on everything.

5. Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask – This mask is EVERYTHING. A former blogger Aliya shared this mask on her SnapChat and I ran out to buy it. She claimed it never failed to wake up her tired face in the mornings and its true! I put this mask on, sometimes on my whole face and sometimes just under my eyes and it literally makes my face feel more awake. It’s phenomenal.

6.Viktor + Rolf Bonbon perfume – First of all, how cute is this bottle? I heard about this perfume from beauty YouTuber Danielle Mansutti, I finally got to smell it at duty-free in Zurich and fell in love! It’s fruity and woodsy and it doesn’t disappear from my skin. Mmmm it’s delicious!

7. Any.do – Any.do is amazing. It’s an app as well as a web-based list and task organizer. I use it to keep different running lists of blog ideas, errands, things to do at home, even movies to download and bands I’d like to see in concert. I’ve used other task managers like Wunderlist but I find that Any.do works best for me.

8. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – I bought two of these liquid suede lipsticks a couple of months ago and finally got around to wearing one today and holy moly. I rocked Pink Lust for a pop of color today and I am obsessed. I raved about it on Instagram and I’ll repeat it here – I put it on around 7:30 am and it stayed on ALL DAY. I didn’t touch up or reapply once. Finally, at like 8pm I removed it with a baby wipe. I am now going to go out and buy every shade.

What are some of your current favorites? Share, share, share!

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  1. I have the Pokemon app and I’ve played a bit. I’m only on level 6. I can’t figure out how to fight!

    • Me neither! I think you have to wait until you’re a super high level to fight successfully at a gym. All the gyms by me are level 19++ so I’m getting there! And to train I did it once and got my butt kicked lol. I need my nephew to help me more.

  2. One gripe with the PokemonGO app is definitely the fact that there’s barely any guidance. You just sort of have to “figure it out.” Or wait for a nice person to stop and tell you. For fighting, essentially you just tap repeatedly on the enemy to hit them. And then swipe left and right to dodge/block. I have no clue how to use power ups/special moves, though. There are tips online about what type of pokemons do best against others (water vs. fire, etc) but that’s all too much for me. I claimed one gym once. And that’s the most I’ll ever do I think. Also, you can “fight” in a gym that’s your own team, and it gives you guys more points and stuff. However, I am the laziest player ever, seeing that I only play from home or my office.

    Anyway. The phone ring seems interesting. I purposely picked a smaller phone, though. I’ve got to be able to fit things in pockets. And my small hands. BUT I might get this as a gift for my sister-in-law. (Though I could see her needing a phone wristlet because twin toddlers.)

    • I agree about Pokemon Go – no guidance etc. I mean my 13 year old nephew had to teach me!

      The phone ring is great! I have a small phone too (iPhone SE) but I still use it.

  3. I haven’t heard the term JAP since I was growing up on Long Island…when I saw the blog name, I said to myself…no way…LOL. Castille soap and Lush are 2 of my faves…LOVE them
    Kim recently posted…The Easy Way to Earn FREE Gift Cards and ProductsMy Profile

  4. Looks like some fun products! I’m going to check out the acne one, I’m 33 too and my face still looks like I’m 15 (and not in a good, non-wrinkly way).

  5. I love the original Viktor + Rolf scent and had no idea that they had a new one out! I will have to go and check that out immediately at my local Sephora!

  6. I’ve never heard of that phone ring. Fascinating…

    and I downloaded Any.do but never really go into using it. How do you use it?

    • Any.do is great! I use it as a task manager/list manager. So you can create different lists, have sub-lists, etc. Then when you do the task or whatever it is you cross it off! It’s great to keep track of things.


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