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On one of my new favorite podcasts wraps up each episode by asking each other to share one new thing they learned that week, no matter how trivial. I love the idea and so I’m going to steal borrow it. 🙂 I’d love for you to chime in with something new YOU learned! It can be huge, life altering or something as trivial as the proper way to boil pasta. (Is there such a way?)

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This week I learned… what a listicle is. 

You know those lists you see online? Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Potter or 31 Celebrities Who Named Their Kid Something Dumb, etc. Those are listicles. Actual definition – Listicle is an informal term for an article made up of a series of facts, tips, quotations, or examples organized around a particular theme.

Broken down its a combination of the words “list” and “article.”

Broken down even further its a word that I am now using CONSTANTLY because the sound of it makes me laugh (and it sounds like testicle.) Hee hee! (Also I’m a pre-teen boy because YES, stuff that like totally makes me laugh.)

Did you learn anything new this week? 


  1. Ha. I hadn’t heard the term listicle… but it totally makes sense 🙂

    I learned this week that a baseball thrown to first base that goes over the 1st baseman’s head is called “airmailed”. Love it.
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