Six Easy Ways I Help at Home When I’m on a Work Trip

Last week (well, from the 13th to the 19th) I was away for an event. This is one of my longer work trips and honestly it doesn’t matter how long or short they are – I always feel guilty for leaving. It’s hard leaving Dave and Sadie for that length of time and knowing that the burden of parenting lays solely on Dave while I’m gone. It’s hard being a single parent. So I try to make things as easy as possible for Dave (and in turn Sadie) when I’m gone. Here is a list of things I usually try to do or take care of before I leave for a work trip.

6 Easy Ways I Try to Help at Home When I'm on a Work Trip | | Perks of Being a JAP

1. Write out a list for Dave of what Sadie needs for the week. This includes what goes in her daycare bag on what day, what she needs for dance and any other places she may be going. She spent the night at my mom’s last weekend and so I made sure to note that she needed her overnight bag brought to school for my mom to take.

2. Set up Sadie’s clothes. I take a night and lay out Sadie’s clothes for each day that I am gone. Tops, pants, dresses – whatever she will wear for the day even down to the socks and underpants. I put everything out on her dresser so Dave can just grab a set each morning.

3. Prepare whatever else she may need that week. Swim class, dance class, overnights, etc. I make sure its all together easy for Dave to find. (Along with reminders to give her a vitamin a day, feed the fish, etc.)

4. Do the laundry. I try to make sure at least most of the laundry is done so Dave doesn’t have to fish around for clean clothes, underwear and socks. Also means less for me to do when I get home!

5. I usually drive and park at the airport so we will switch cars for the week. Why? I have a Prius that’s a Clean Pass Vehicle so if Dave drives it to work he can take the HOV lane even if he is the only one in the car. So its easy for him to use my car when I am away. (And generally saves him time on his commute.)

6. Last but not least I try to get the earliest flight out home whether its the last night of my event or super early the next morning. The quicker I can get home to my family the better!

Do you or your partner travel for work? What tips and tricks do you use to get through the time away? 


  1. I make Blue Eyes a comprehensive list when I leave as well. Things like “please water all my house plants” with their locations listed, and “please run the dishwasher at least every 2 days, even if it isn’t completely full!” and “remember to take out the inside garbages from X, Y, and Z rooms”

    I am amused (and sometimes a little annoyed) that if I don’t spell it out the plants are dead there is rotting food in the dishwasher and the garbages are overflowing when I get home. Sigh.

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    • I try to only focus on the things for Sadie that need to get done because I know if I give Dave a list of things to do around the house when I am gone there is a 90% chance they wont be taken are of. Granted he gets home late with Sadie and when she’s finally in bed I know all he wants to do is relax so I can’t fault him too much.

  2. That’s so thoughtful of you to do all of that! When I leave on a work trip, I usually just leave Dan a list of chores to do LOL. But when we have a kid, and he’s the at-home person, I guess I’ll leave him a better list and maybe prep some things like you do too. 🙂
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    • Yeah I can’t even worry about chores getting done – Dave will do the necessary ones on his own but if I added anymore to his plate while I was away it wouldn’t be fair!

  3. When I go away I have to take out the kids’ clothes for the days I’ll be gone! I also have to plan / make their school lunches. Luckily I don’t go away that often.

  4. My husband is the one that travels much more than me, so he usually cooks a big meal that we can eat for a few days after he leaves. That is such a big help.

    If I were to leave, I would definitely make sure to do the laundry, but we have the shared Cozi app on our phones so he knows her schedule. I wouldn’t dare take out her clothes early because she is so opinionated on what she wants to wear that day (plus most of the time he dresses her in the morning while I am in the shower).
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    • That’s too funny that she’s already so opinionated about clothes! Sadie has her days but usually she just rolls with what we put out. Or if I have the piles of clothes out for the week he lets her pick each day.

  5. You are so much more helpful than I ever am!! I actually think it’s hilarious to see what my husband picks out for the kids to wear if I’m not there to do it. And I can’t even remember the last time all the laundry was done! You rock!

    • Oh god some of Dave’s choices for her clothes are hilarious! It’s also just easier for him to have it all laid out – the mornings are hectic enough already when I am gone.

  6. I have my first trip away from Riley coming up next week and this is a great list, thanks! I know Matt knows how to take care of him, but I know there are ways I can make it easier on him since four days of solo parenting and working full time will not be the easiest task.


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