90s’ – 00’s Makeup Flashback!

I subscribe to a blog that has alerts all about deals on Amazon and recently one came up for Clearasil Face Pads. When I saw it my first thought was OMG I haven’t used those in forever! I used to tear at my face with those acidic swabs until I was bleeding! (Well not really but I’m sure they certainly didn’t help my teenage acne from overuse.) And then I started reminiscing about the other makeup and products I used to use to use in the 90’s and 00’s.

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1. Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner – This was holy grail stuff before I realized it wasn’t actually cleaning my hair. And it had hawafena!!! (Hawawhatfa?) And remember those commercials where the girl was basically having an orgasm in public places? Good times, good times.

2. Love’s Baby Soft – in all over body spray form, not the perfume. This stuff was classy because you could buy it at Walgreens. Do people still wear this? Was it ever acceptable to wear body spray instead of a perfume?

3. GAP Dream Perfume – Oh hells to the yes. This was totally my high school scent. I remember my high school boyfriend liked it and I think bought it for me? Or I bought it for myself? I still get nostalgia from it if I smell it in the store. I think I had a lotion too haha. I actually still wear a GAP scent from time to time – So Pink. I’ve literally had the bottle for over 10 years because a different boyfriend (college this time) bought me a HUGE bottle of it and I don’t wear it enough to get through it quickly. Still smells nice!

4. Claire’s Gel Glitters – I rocked this stuff HARDCORE. Mainly on my eyes and especially back when I was a punk. The best part is that I would take those little stars you see and fish out two of them and stick them in the outer corner of my right eye. Not one star on each eye but two stars in the corner of one eye. HAHAHAHA. I think I also had some roll on body glitters too. #socool

5. Plumeria scent from Bath & Body Works – I must give honorable mentions to Cucumber Melon and Sun-Ripened Raspberry but Plumeria was the scent I loved at B&BW. I had no idea what scent that was when thinking about it now and had to Google it – it’s a flower.

6. Revlon Toast of New York lipstick – This lipstick was the bomb.com when I was in junior high school and early high school. I barely wore lipstick but I had to have it. With matching brown eyeliner to match obviously. Was this just a local New York trend?

What makeup products did you use when you were younger? I feel like I’m missing some that I used like rollerball lip glosses or Tinkerbell peel off nail polish. That’s from when I was way younger but still. 😉


  1. Oh gosh the blast from the past! I was a Sun Ripened Raspberry or Freesia girl until they released Sweet Pea.

    I didn’t learn of Toast until college when my suite mates from Brooklyn and Long Island insisted I wear it one night. Wasn’t my color. 🙁

    I still wear the Gap Pink once in awhile. It’s the sweet grapefruity scent, right?

    Thank you for this walk down memory lane.
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  2. Haha, I’m not familiar with that Revlon lipstick, but I wore a LOT of glitter eyeshadow. Also, that spray stuff that you put on your clavicle to, like, make it shimmery? What was I doing with that when I was 11?! Damn, girl. Also wore a ton of Bath & Bodyworks, always wanted GAP Grass, & lovedlovedloved these flavored lip glosses: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/enhanced/webdr06/2013/9/16/15/enhanced-buzz-8821-1379359429-10.jpg
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  3. I was a nail polish hoarder back then. What were those tiny little 99-cent ones they sold? Can’t remember. But I also remember when I would buy Wet ‘n’ Wild ANYTHING because it was dirt cheap so I could spend the rest of the latest CD single from N Sync.
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  4. Cucumber Melon for LIFE!

    (I kind of want to check out Gap Pink now …)

    I rocked not only Toast of New York, but Coffee Bean. We all walked around with brown lips for god knows what reason.

  5. I used to wear Dream by Gap also!!

  6. Ha, love this. So much glitter, I had so much glitter gel.

  7. Baby soft was my first perfume. So awful. I’m pretty sure I shudder at the smell of baby powder to this day because of it

  8. Oh I thought of another one! Hard Candy nail polish.

  9. Totally wore B&BW’s Sweet Pea for yeeeaaaarrrsss… I forget what I switched to from there.. probably whatever miscellaneous ones I’d get for Christmas. (Some Japanese cherry blossom one?) This year, one of my grandma’s got me Sweet Pea again and it’s been a crazy nostalgia blast from the past.

    I never really learned how to do make up correctly. My mom never taught me. So I remember in high school when I really go interested in it… I like I used magazines and delia’s catalogs for inspiration. And pretty much wore bright pink eye shadow all day every day. Granted, all I wear is gold now, so can’t say my beauty habits have change all that much!

    • It’s funny my mom never really taught me either and she wears makeup daily – I only really started getting into makeup within the last year or two.


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