Review – Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel

I’m a sucker for a good bag. Especially ones that will work for my travel needs since I’m traveling at least a half dozen times a year. For my European travel I tend to use a backpack but for local (or at least domestic) events I am good with a large shoulder bag. As I mentioned in my Favorite Things of Mine post I just purchased the Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel and christened it with a┬ámaiden voyage on my most recent work trip.

Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel Review | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.comSo pretty!

I spent the night before my flight arranging my carry-on. I am the BIGGEST procrastinator when it comes to packing. I used to love packing and would do it days in advance but ever since traveling has become a main part of my job I loathe it. So I do it last minute. Sometimes I finish up the bulk of it before I leave for the airport. Not too smart on my end but oh well. My carry-on has all of the essentials – glasses, sunglasses, wallet, camera, makeup bag, planner, some miscellaneous crap you can’t see and the ever important People magazine. That magazine is like my crack.
Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
The main reason I bought this bag was because of the extra storage compartment. It is meant to store shoes but my first thought upon seeing it was that I could use it to store my laptop.
Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
How perfect is that? (Sorry for that awkward grey bar on my laptop – my company’s name is on it so I wanted to cover that up.) It’s perfect for TSA – I can just unzip the bottom, slide my laptop out and put it in the bin without disturbing the rest of my stuff. When I am through security I just slide it right back in, zip it up and and ready to go!
Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
It even holds my snack at the airport. ­čÖé Obviously its easier to put the laptop in and out before you put the rest of your stuff in the bag, but it was super easy to remove it for security and pop it back in with all of my stuff already in the bag. I’d say the only downside is that since it’s not meant for laptops the bottom isn’t really padded for that but it does have little metal feet so the bag doesn’t rest just flat on the bottom.
Sole Society Mason Travel Satchel Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
Isn’t my pre-plane attire/self cute? Sheesh. It was like six in the morning and yes I need a coffee that early. And brightly colored neck pillow – SUPER necessary. Whenever I forget that thing for a flight I want to cry.

After taking the bag across the country with me and using it to shlep my stuff back and forth during my event I can heartily endorse it for frequent travelers like mysrlf. I liked that it had the top handles and┬áremovable crossbody strap so I could change things up. The bag also zips from both sides of the zipper on the top as well as the bottom compartment which makes it super easy when you’re trying to feel around for a zipper without looking haha. And it didn’t hurt my shoulder too much which we all know is a #1 priority for a shoulder travel bag.

It looks like right now the cognac color I purchased is sold out and they only have olive in stock. My only complaint about the cognac color is that I was expecting it to be a bit darker like in the stock photo. It is lighter than I would have liked but I got used to it pretty quickly.

Sole Society has coupon codes pretty regularly too, which makes purchasing this bag even better. I had a coupon code for 15% off after signing up for their emails, and then I also got 3.5% cash back from Ebates! WOO!

I think for internationally travel I’d still use a backpack for the plane, but this is a great option for all the domestic travel I do.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I love the bag and wanted to share! Also – some affiliate links. These things just don’t buy themselves!


  1. Well, isn’t this bag pretty! I’m so glad it works for you!!

    Also, I secretly LOVE to travel, I love airports and flying and all of it. Nope, can’t explain that very much. People often tell me that if I had to travel “a lot” I’d grow to hate it….but I HAVE traveled a lot, sometimes two or three (or four!) trips a month. And I still love it.

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…Talking about my uterus, againMy Profile

    • I love doing the whole airport shinding and flying, but just UGHH packing. I really don’t mind traveling even if its for work, I just get annoyed when people are like “OMG you are so lucky that you travel for work!” It’s like umm no. I see the inside of hotels and work 12 – 14 hour days. ­čśë

  2. Ooooh, this bag looks awesome. I’ve been on the lookout for a good travel bag, despite the fact that I don’t travel much anymore…
    Kate recently posted…My Hairstylist Was A Total BullyMy Profile

  3. Great idea to use that as a travel bag! I’m always on the hunt for good bags… I just don’t think there’s a perfect one out there for me, so I keep searching.
    Aubrey recently posted…Review: Blue ApronMy Profile

    • It’s seriously such a first world problem! And then whenever you find the perfect travel bag (or any bag for that matter) you’re afraid to use it because what if something happens to it and them OMG they stopped selling it and you can’t get another one!!

  4. Such a perfect travel bag!

  5. I am in love with that bag! It is so practical but so cute at the same time! But I do agree with you about the packing. I hate it! And I procrastinate with doing it as well!!

  6. Oh, I really love this bag!! Especially since it comes highly recommended. I wish it was available in more colors.

    • Thanks! I just used it again on another trip and I’m still in love with it! Would be nice in more colors, I agree. The cognac is pretty versatile though!


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