Munchery – a Review

As a full time working mom getting dinner on the table is almost always a struggle. Now I can’t lie – Dave makes dinner probably 85% of the time. He usually gets home before I do and is great at whipping up meals organically where I rely heavily on recipes. I have an even harder time coming up with a good meal when its just Sadie and I. You can only have a “treat” dinner of McDonalds or Subway every so often. So when I got a discount flyer for Munchery in the mail it seemed like a good dinner alternative to try.

What is Munchery? You can get a rundown on their website, but I like to think of it as a mix between Seamless and Blue Apron. Each day there is a different menu for dinner based on your location. You have to order by a certain time of the day (I think 1pm?) and then you can pick between two windows of delivery.

Munchery1The food shows up chilled and ready to be consumed after one final (and simple) step of cooking. I also love that once you order you’re shown who your delivery person will be, and you get text messages when they are on their way, when they arrive, and when they’ve left the food at your door.

I picked the 5pm – 7pm delivery window and when I got home my food was waiting on my doorstep in this pretty little bag.

Munchery - a Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
Everything is packaged nicely and it was so sweet as part of my first order that Munchery threw in some matches, a magnet and an extra package of cookies. (I had ordered the chocolate crinkle cookie for Sadie – the second package of cookies was additional!)
Munchery - a Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
The sweet, handwritten card included with my order.
Munchery - a Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
Sadie was VERY excited about our special dinner, if you couldn’t tell! She had a turkey burger kids meal and it was right up her alley. Especially the chips that came on the side – and the cookie I got her for dessert!
Munchery - a Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
I ordered the Filipino Chicken Noodle Soup for my meal. Each meal comes with an instructions card and I appreciated that they included how to heat up the meal with either stovetop or microwave.
Munchery - a Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
Unfortunately when I opened up the bag with our food I noticed that some things seemed a bit wet, like something had spilled. Turns out my soup had spilled from its container into the container holding the rest of the soup ingredients and like half of the broth was missing from it. I had to add water to the broth to make enough so the meal would actually be soup and not just a hint of soup, so that was kind of sucky. Also my presentation is totally lacking – the meal looked MUCH better on the website. But it was delicious!
Munchery - a Review | Perks of Being a JAP |
Going back to the spilled soup – I was pretty annoyed about it so I sent Munchery a message and a photo of how the soup had spilled all over the ingredients container. Within less than an hour I had a response from them with an apology, a promise to look into it and a $10 credit for a future order. I was super impressed by the customer service I received and thanks Rachel!

If you sign up for Munchery keep in mind there is a $8.95 per month membership fee but it is waived for the first month if you want to try it out with no risk. AND if you use my referral link or the code GA93ETAH you get $10 off your first order (and I get $10 too!)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review. I simply tried and liked the service (and was super impressed by their customer service and quality of food) and wanted to share with you!


  1. Ooh, this sounds cool – & a little bit more up my alley than Blue Apron or one of the ones where I HAVE TO DO SO MUCH FANCY COOKING.
    Kate recently posted…Surprise, Surprise: I’m Moving Again!My Profile

  2. Well, this sounds kind of delightful!! How awesome!

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…Confessions of a Bookaholic: Habits, Efficiency, and baby steps towards MinimalismMy Profile

  3. This is neat! Blue Apron seemed like a lot of work I was currently doing anyway. May need to try Munchery for those don’t want to cook nights.

  4. What a great idea! We only have meals that you have to order by Wednesday for the following week here in Australia (unless there’s something I’ve missed, fellow Aussies?) I love that you can order on the same day. Great to hear their customer service is so good, too!
    Kat @ beanieandtalbot recently posted…Walking with God – intro to Asheritah Ciuciu’s new bookMy Profile


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