Hot Chocolate Festival & Harry Potter Trivia

On Monday I headed into the city after work for hot chocolate and Harry Potter trivia with Arielle. Every February City Bakery hosts their Hot Chocolate Festival where each day they feature a different kind of hot chocolate. Mmmm. We had no idea what Monday’s flavor would be since the date just said LEAP YEAR FESTIVAL FINALE but decided to go with the element of surprise.

Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery - New York, NY | Perks of Being a JAP |

Turns out the hot chocolate flavor of the day was “The Manhattan”. It was a dark, dark chocolate with orange bitters and cherry… something. Arielle and I couldn’t remember what it was! The stirrer/toothpick sword thing also had a cherry at the end.

Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery - New York, NY | Perks of Being a JAP |

I decided that “The Manhattan” was the hot chocolate that City Bakery came up with when they realized too late that February had 29 days this year and were like… crap… what do we make? And looked around their kitchen that morning and threw in the random ingredients they saw. I know that these ingredients are in a Manhattan cocktail (orange bitters, cherry liqueur) but it was odd for a hot chocolate flavor.

Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery - New York, NY | Perks of Being a JAP |

The hot chocolate was tasty but it was super heavy and thick with the intense cherry and dark chocolate flavors. I don’t think either of us finished our mugs.

After we got kicked out of City Bakery (literally – they kick hordes of people out when they close) we headed up to The Coliseum Bar for HARRY POTTER TRIVIA hosted by Trivia AD! Our team was Dumbledora the Expora (we stole the name from Arielle’s friend) and I haven’t yet decided if my ridiculous knowledge of all things HP is a blessing or a curse.

Harry Potter Trivia | | | Perks of Being a JAP

Seriously. First, I am way competitive and basically hoarded the answer sheets (sorry teamies.) And then when a team member would challenge my answer I would tell them why my answer was right and then be able to basically quote when the answer took place in which book. I HAZ PROBLEMS.

We didn’t win (sad face) but it was a lot of fun! Except there was one round that the emcee said he just came up with an hour before the trivia started and it was to name the patronus to the character. OMG. The main characters are easy, but naming patronus’ for like, Ernie Macmillian? I wanted to scream. (#toocompetitive)


  1. I love everything about this post (except for the meh chocolate flavor, obvs).


  2. Different hot chocolate flavors every day for a month? I would be in heaven! (except not for the flavor that you had- it doesn’t sound good)

    I guess at some point before Izzy gets too big I have to read Harry Potter and watch the movies huh?

  3. Shame about the flavour of the hot chocolate, but I love the idea of the different flavour everyday! How cool! i might have to do my own month of hot choc at home….. lol.
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  4. I love HP!!! I think I’m going to stop by Wizarding World again on a work trip in a couple of weeks.

    • I’m so jealous!!! I’ll be down in Orlando in May for an event… I’m thinking I may need to stay an extra day and hit up Wizarding World! I haven’t been yet.

  5. Ommggg I had no idea such a place existed. Holy yum.
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