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I am honestly surprised that I read as many books as I did this month. Some of these books were long as f*ck and I guess I just wasn’t super into others so I didn’t pick them up as often as I would a book that I’m invested in. I think the problem with getting books for free (first world problem?) is that they’re more hit or miss than something you purposely seek out and buy. C’est la vie!

In February I read:

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The Rowan Tree by Robert W. Fuller – Ughhh this book. Guys I wanted to gouge my eyes out. It was SO MOTHER EFFING LONG. At 540 goddamn pages it felt like I would never finish after reading and reading and reading and then having my kindle show only 7% done. The beginning of the book captured my attention quickly and I felt very strongly for the two characters Easter and Rowan as their relationship blossomed. However, the book is split into three parts and as I got further and further in I would just start skimming past parts to get through it. Third part in particular turned very political and I was so bored as it focused more on foreign policy and White House politics than the actual relationships I had become accustomed to in the earlier parts. One plot twist was also a little too V.C. Andrews for me and I almost vommed in my mouth. If the author would have finished the book after the first or even second part that would have sufficed. Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Castles in the Air: A Family Memoir of Love and Loss by Alison Ripley Cubitt – I was given access to this book for a NetGalley review. It seemed really intriguing from the description. However the way the book was written deterred me. The author basically took her mother’s letters to a friend and used them as a majority of the book. Maybe it was how her mother wrote or just the style but I was so bored. I wanted actual meat, not letters from a 16 year old girl describing her days. The book picked up more towards the end when the author’s mother was an adult and then when she was telling the story from her own perspective, but I there was really no substance there. I mean, her mother is abusing prescription drugs and its discussed but you don’t get any real feeling for how it affected the family. Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Where Home Is (The Laramie Series #3) by Karen J. Hasley – I love this kind of book. Where Home Is takes place in 1910 in Chicago, with a woman doctor (gasp!) named Katherine Davis who is working at the Hull House for a year. I adore books that take place during this time in history and this one did not disappoint. The book was a perfect mix of history, women’s rights, romance, family and more. One problem I’ve noticed with getting books from BookBub is that in the titles available it doesn’t show that the book is part of a series. I totally want to read all of them now, but would have been nice to know that there were two other books which came before this one. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

My Temporary Life-Book One of the My Temporary Life Trilogy by Martin Crosbie – another book I didn’t know was part of a series before I got it from BookBub. At least this was book one of three! The main character Malcom calls his life a temporary one due to the fact he lives in Scotland with his dad during the year and in Vancouver in the summers with his mom and her man du jour. A series of events allows Malcom to make something of himself in spite of his circumstances and you follow along with his menial adult life for awhile until BOOM. He meets a girl and its all hell in a hand basket. The speed in which the story shifts is crazy. You’re plodding along and then all of a sudden BAM – plot twist! Will probably read the rest of the trilogy to see what else happens. Overall Rating: 4 out of 5.

Deep Fried and Pickled (The Rachael O’Brien Chronicles Book 1) by Paisley Ray – I’m really hitting a trend here with not realizing books I’m downloading are part of a series. WOMP. As far as I can tell there are eight books in this one and I definitely want to read the rest! The book was a little slow to pick up in the beginning but it kicked into high gear in the end. Rachael is in college and learning to be a restoration artist and for this novel it was only used as a stepping stone to the bigger plot twist at the end of the book. I wished that it went into more detail about art restoration and art history but I’m hopeful that the next books in the series includes more of that. Overall Rating 4 out of 5.

Life Without a Recipe: A Memoir of Food and Family by Diana Abu-Jaber – Ok I have to admit I was taken in by the cover of this book on NetGalley and thought it would be about baking and family and fun and maybe they open a bake shop YAYYYYY. (Note to self, do better job of reading the description.) To me this was another book where I was reading and reading and reading and waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. And I was getting annoyed at the author for getting married multiple times. Not because she got married multiple times but how she goes about it – almost as if it’s not even a thought and like she’s with a guy, they randomly bring it up and she’s all OK let’s get married I guess. I guess it had to do with her father constantly pushing marriage? I did love reading about her Arabic, marriage-pushing father and the differences between her relationship with him and the one with her Catholic, men-jaded grandmother. (They still should have opened a bake shop…) Overall Rating 3 out of 5.

What books are you reading? OH and before I forget I’ve been getting book recommendations (and reviews) from mynameismarines YouTube channel. You may know her from 20SB (RIP) or even Snark Squad. She has an awesome channel where she talks about the books she’s hauled, reading, groups she has on GoodReads, etc. Check her out!

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  1. Added the Laramie series to my list! They sound right up my alley.

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  2. Oooh, I didn’t know about Marines’s channel! Definitely checking that out.
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  3. Oh I haven’t heard of any of these, thanks for the recs! I love the title Deep Fried & Pickled, so great. I just started The Lifeboat and so far, so good.

  4. Oh my goodness! I wish I had the time and the willpower to read that many books in a month! I’ll look into a few of these and add them to my list!


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