Not Being the Outdoorsy Parent

“I wanna go outside!”
“Let’s play in the snow!”
“Can we jump in muddy puddles?”

These are all regular statements/demands in our house made by the littlest member of the family. And 9 times out of 10 the parent that goes with her and engages in outdoor escapades is Dave.

I'm what you'd call indoorsy - Stay Human I’m ok with that. For real. We had a snowstorm a couple of weeks ago and I was home with Sadie. I took her out so I could shovel and we played in the snow a bit. I took a picture of her to send to Dave and he texted back with, “You went outside? YAY!” 😉

I’m totally fine with being the indoorsy parent. I EMBODY IT. In fact, I am dying for this tank top, because it is the epitome of my being. INDOORSY FOR THE WIN. (And I just ordered that tank. Couldn’t help it.)

A big difference between Dave and I is how we spent our time when we were kids. Yes I played outside, rode my bike, roller skated, went to the park, etc. In the summers for about eight years I even went to sleep away camp. God I loved that place. (RIP Camp Edward Isaacs.) At sleep away camp we slept in bunks or tents (A-frames) and played sports, hiked, sang around bonfires – all that good outdoorsy stuff.

Dave on the other hand was like, digging latrines and chopping down trees in boy scouts. And take a tiny-ass boat and sailing across Long Island sound. By himself. As a child. Be in the woods for a week and cook over a campfire while wearing the same clothes for days on end and fighting off bears? And then do a 10-mile hike? Sounds good to him! (#NOPE)

While I enjoy being outside (shut up Dave) I don’t yearn for it. I don’t crave it. I’m fine being a homebody, content sitting on the couch watching TV while simultaneously blogging and reading a book. (No joke I have awesome multi-tasking skills.) So if Sadie wants to play outside and wants a parent to tag along…. Dave… TAG – YOU’RE IT!



  1. I have to get that shirt for my friend. She’s absolutely “indoorsy”

    I’m with you. I like outside once in awhile, even some every day! I no longer need to take the boat across the lake though, I can sit on the edge and read my book just fine.
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    • Exactly. I’ll sit on the deck and sunbathe while you guys go into the backyard and frolic around. Or I’ll stay inside and NOT get attacked by mosquitoes when they’re out like a mofo.

  2. Own it, girlfriend! The world needs all types and there’s nothing wrong with being the indoorsy kind! That shirt is hilarious!

  3. I actually don’t mind being outside with Hunter if it means I can sit and just watch him at the park or riding his bike or something. I’m not going to be digging in the dirt with him or doing stuff like that. I also don’t mind kicking a ball back and forth or going for a walk because I’m stuck in an office all day so I do enjoy that but I leave the hiking/fishing/camping type stuff to daddy.

  4. I love the outdoors, grew up in the Dave-related camp, but I cannot stand the sun, it irritates my skin in just a few minutes and makes me crabby and anxious (2-time skin cancer lady, right here). If I could be outside in the mountains/shade, I would be a-okay with that.

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    • Yeah I think that’s another reason I’m not super keen on the outdoors all the time – I became photosensitive or something and breakout if I’m out in the sun. (Even with protection!)

  5. I love being indoors but I am a outdoors person when the temperatures are good! Hah! Love your blog and your personality!

    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂 As long as the mosquitoes aren’t out I’m with you on that good temperature. For a short period of time. Maybe only on my deck! Hahah

  6. I always get a laugh out of those shirts & mugs that say stuff like, “I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios,” which really sums me up well.
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  7. I plan on going the free range method if I have kids. Though, apparently, you can’t do that anymore? Just letting kids be outside on their own? I was a latchkey kid, and my brother wouldn’t come home until the sun started setting. But, yeah, I would definitely be the “indoorsy” parent. I love the concept of the outdoors, but once you deal with the bugs and stuff… egh.

    • Love that you referred to it as “free range method”. In my neighborhood kids run around but only at a certain age. It definitely isn’t what it used to be!


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