February Stitch Fix Reveal


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Stitch Fix box with you guys! I have been getting Stitch Fix boxes for just over two years now and I’ve gone back and forth between getting monthly fixes and bi-monthly fixes. Some boxes are just so spot on and some are complete misses. And sadly this box was a complete miss.


February Stitch Fix1

The Collective Concepts Korie Tie Neck Blouse is something I’d never purchase for myself. From the cut to the color to the style it was just off. The shirt was sheer so you can awkwardly see my waistband and bands through them (and in some photos you could see my belly button!) I don’t like the cinched sleeves, how wide it made me look and the styling is just so awful. I felt like I was going to an audition for a Little House on the Prairie remake. RETURNED. 


February Stitch Fix2

Skies are Blue Danatella Crochet Front Roll Tab Knit Top – Admittedly this one wasn’t so bad. I’d definitely wear it and if it were the 5th item in my fix that would give me the 25% off, I’d purchase it. But otherwise it was kind of meh and didn’t add anything to my wardrobe. RETURNED. 


February Stitch Fix4

Pixley Dardie Lace Inset Blouse – It’s hard to see in the pictures but this blouse is navy blue. It has beautiful detailing on the bust and back but I disliked the sleeve – I felt boxy and large. I also wasn’t a fan of the deep v-neck detailing on the front. I’m not really comfortable wearing v-necks due to my chest size and although this one was hidden in a clever way I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to work. I also have as part of my Stitch Fix profile that I would rather keep that part of my body covered, so this felt like the stylist was basically ignoring my wishes. I also received a dark blue sleeveless blouse in a very early fix, and it was too similar to this one in my mind to keep another. RETURNED. 


February Stitch Fix3

Adelyn Rae Willena Colorblock Dress – I had high hopes for this dress when I saw the description before getting my box. (I cheat and go to the checkout page once my fix has shipped and then google each item.) I couldn’t find a photo of this one, but I figured a colorblock dress has to be cute right? #Nope. WTF IS THIS DRESS? I literally did not understand it. Nothing was good about it and I looked like a sack from the front, back and sides. It was just weird! Deep v-neck, drop waist, the need for a strapless bra, and a weird hemline. Not to mention the pattern/colors? UGH. RETURNED. 


February Stitch Fix5

Renee C Melisa Printed Skirt  – UGH. And this one is also like WTF? The length is weird for me. It’s so clingy and if I was a temple-going Jew I might have kept this for the appropriate length. For my heathen self as-is, no. Just no. If it was knee length or above there may have been a thought of keeping it but really everything about the cut was wrong. RETURNED.

I’m really hoping next month’s box will be a redemption box for me because I haven’t had a good one in awhile. I thought maybe it was my Pinterest boards? But I looked at them and they’re spot on… and nothing on my current fix looks like anything I’ve pinned. I guess I have to be more direct in my Stitch Fix directions…likes, dislikes, and specific requests. Fingers crossed for the next fix!

Two other things: I need to work on my photo face because OMG what is wrong with me? And I need better lighting. I take these photos on the landing of our 2nd floor and the ceiling fixture is horrendous and not bright at all. Things to work on!

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{EDIT} After posting this and sharing it on my Facebook page Stitch Fix commented back pretty quickly and was sympathetic to my review and asked me to contact their Client Experience Team. I really appreciate a quick response from a company – so thank you Stitch Fix!

*This post contains an affiliate link to Stitch Fix. If you decide to try Stitch Fix ans sign up using my link, I’ll receive a referral fee from Stitch Fix – this doesn’t cost you anything additional. And while this review in particular isn’t great, I do heartily recommend the service and have been getting fixes for two years!


  1. Ugh, that’s so frustrating – & why I ultimately gave up on StitchFix. I was wasting so much money sending every damn thing back! I thought it might be my size, like maybe they didn’t have the resources to dress me right; it was like every item totally ignored my style board & my very specific, detailed feedback. When I got something good, it was great, but basically all of my items were misses of the magnitude of that Little House blouse & that bizarre colorblock dress! Hope your next one is better.
    Kate recently posted…Eleven Years and What-Could-Have-BeensMy Profile

  2. I’ve definitely been having similar WTF moments with Stitch Fix recently (and have all but given up on getting any more boxes). I hate how everything is so boxy and 3/4 elastic-bottom sleeved anymore!!!
    Melinda recently posted…Gasparilla Challenge: Training Week #11My Profile

  3. I like that navy top, but I agree that it would be hard to wear to work, no one needs to see that much of me at the office. I also think that skirt *could* be great, but you’re right, it is a FUNKY length. Midi-pencil skirt? Um, no.

    I hope you get something great soon!
    Feisty Harriet recently posted…Harriet: Age 33My Profile

  4. I agree with sending everything back. What is with all of the sheer stuff? I would never wear any of that.
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…Good and BadMy Profile

  5. I agree, what a miss! I do make sure to update my Pinterest page before each fix, but still… it just doesn’t seem your style at all. I’ve also been pinning my blog recaps of my Stitch Fix boxes to my Pinterest board, so I know my stylist reads them and can see the items on me.

    The skirt would be the one thing I kept, but the length on you is strange, like it was made for someone 6 feet tall.
    Aubrey recently posted…San AntonioMy Profile

    • It’s so frustrating! I update my boards constantly. I also started pinning my stitchfix photos, but maybe I’ll just pin the post and link to that instead so they can see. Good idea!

  6. How was dead pool? Was Ryan Reynolds too cocky? I may see it this weekend, BF and I celebrating late 🙂

    The food pictures look amazing. I will definitely try to find a good barbecue place around here in the burbs. The really good ones are always downtown. 🙁 In this winter weather in Illinois I rather just stay around the burbs.

    Have a good week!

  7. I actually kind of like the skirt… but whoa length. I hate skirts/dresses like that because then I spend hours panicking knowing what shoes to wear (and basically would *only* fall back on my gladiator sandals). But also, thanks to my hips, etc, lengths like that just make me look so much shorter than I am. I need as much height as I can get! I’ve never tried Stitch Fix, but have secretly wished stylish friends would come and show me how to dress/take me shopping.
    Erini recently posted…Sunday Lately #05/59My Profile

  8. girl – let me style you! we’ve got great spring inventory coming in and I’d love to win you back. Just request Liz B. in your stylist notes 🙂

  9. Man my stylist is great! I have had two fixes so far. I get everthing in the first fix. One sweater wasn’t my cup of tea but it was cheaper to keep it than return it so I gave it to my sister. It had a couple pieces that took me WAY out of my comfort zone, but I rock in them. This last one I had an absolutely GORGEOUS shirt that I wear all the time! Some of the pieces didn’t quite fit in my arms and for the price I decided to return them. I loved them, but until I lose my weight they would just sit in my closet….Third on is on the way!


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