BBQ & Deadpool – Valentine’s Date Night

I love Dave’s and my version of Valentine’s Day romance. Instead of candlelight and wine we had BBQ and saw Deadpool. This is what I call #winning.


My parents took Sadie overnight since we all had off from work today. Sadie loves spending time with my parents (especially my mother) and they love having her so its a win-win. We purchased tickets early in the week for a Deadpool showing and headed off to the movie theater with plenty of time to grab popcorn (a must) and our seats.

P.S. I LOVE those theaters with the reserved seats and the big, comfy lounge chairs. Total game changer.

P.P.S. I realized when we got to the theater that I had accidentally purchased senior citizen tickets for the movie! Ooops. I’m only mildly ashamed to say that instead of going to the ticket counter to pay the difference we tried our luck to see if the ticket taker would say anything… and he didn’t! So win for us! (I wouldn’t try to do this on purpose, but it was a nice happy accident.)

How funny are these posters? I don’t know if it was only this movie theater doing this guerrilla marketing or if it was mandated from the studio but they covered all of the other movie posters in the theater with Deadpool graffiti. I loved it!

The movie was fantastic. I was so excited to see this and it didn’t let me down. I am obsessed with Ryan Reynolds and his personality and comedic timing were perfect for this role. He also broke the fourth wall often in the movie and it just added to everything. If you haven’t seen it yet, STAY TO THE END OF THE CREDITS. There’s something good there. Oh and Ed Skrein? Also hot! Watching him and Ryan Reynolds battle was pretty epic. 😉

After the movie we booked it to our dinner reservation at One Block East. I found this BBQ restaurant on Yelp while looking for new restaurants to try in our neighborhood. We always get stuck in a rut and go to the same places over and over again and there’s a ton of great spots that we haven’t tried yet! One Block East is fairly new to the area and replaced a burger joint I think? Dave used to get his haircut next door and when he realized that OBE replaced the other business he said, “Oh thank god.” So I guess it wasn’t good!

I had made a reservation because it was Valentine’s Day but in reality I’m not sure I needed it. The place was pretty empty when we arrived which ordinarily isn’t a good sign to me BUT it was Valentine’s Day and I’m not sure BBQ screams romance. 😉 The place did fill up as the evening went on though, so my concerns were unfounded.

Loved walking in and seeing the huge beer selection on the chalkboard wall. The wall takes up major real estate in the restaurant and the list is pretty extensive in terms of local, domestic and imported beers. They also had a nice whiskey list too, which made Dave happy.

(Excuse the wonky lighting in my pictures – the restaurant isn’t well light so I was making do.) 


Not even half of the beer list wall

We ordered our drinks and started the meal with pig candy. Yes that’s right – PIG CANDY. 1/2″ thick slices of pork smothered in brown sugar. The brown sugar melts and then hardens and OMG it was amazing. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

We were tempted by OBE’s Valentine’s Day beer pairing menu but ultimately decided to order our own meat platters. I got the brisket and Dave the ribs combo.



Each platter comes with two sides. I got the mashed potatoes and the collards, but would have liked more options – maybe some veggies? The sides options are a bit carb heavy. The meal was really good though. The corn bread is perfection but my brisket was a little on the dry side – I prefer it wet. And the collards were fantastic.

We decided to pack up most of our meals to save room for dessert and some more booze. (FYI – OBE sends you off with some nice compartment to-go containers – definitely stuff I’m going to reuse for work!) Dave had some bourbon and I had a really nice can (yes can) of Finch’s Pig in the Wood – an amazing whiskey barrel aged ale. OMG it was so good. For dessert we shared the Coca-Cola chocolate mini cake and a piece of bourbon pecan pie – served in a mason jar!


Both desserts were tasty, but both also a little dense. It made a nice cap to the meal though, and I’d order each dessert again.

I’m eager to go back! OBE has different nights like Taco Tuesday, half price drinks on different days and other fun things. Also how could you go wrong with a soup of the day like this one?

YelpOBEOne Block East
3261 Merrick Rd
Wantagh, NY 11793


  1. Our idea of romance was Five Guys burgers and The Walking Dead. ZOMBIES!
    Aubrey recently posted…San AntonioMy Profile

  2. One. Huzzah for grandparents! My parents took Riley Saturday night and it was awesome to have a date night.
    Two. Our date night was dinner and Deadpool too! I LOVED it. We said it was like if Van Wilder became a superhero, ha.
    Three. Now I want BBQ.
    katelin recently posted…Riley: Twelve Months.My Profile

  3. Hahahah you renegade you, getting away with those tickets. Glad you had a great valentines!!! The pork in brown sugar looks so good, that can probably be my breakfast lunch and dinner the next day 🙂

  4. An entire kid free night sounds amazing!!! Yay for senior citizen status. And reserving seats in theaters is a game changer.

  5. Oh my God, that BBQ looks & sounds amazing.
    Kate recently posted…Eleven Years and What-Could-Have-BeensMy Profile

  6. Oh Ryan Reynolds. YUM. And that food looks pretty delish as well. Excellent date night! 🙂

  7. For years I’ve said I don’t like to celebrate a “romantic” Valentine’s Day….but the truth is, I kind of do. And not in the 3 dozen roses and 18 pounds of chocolate and reservations at The Ritz, but in “a movie we’ll love and a restaurant we’ll probably go back to.” That sounds perfect.

    My Valentine’s Day consisted of trying (unsuccessfully) not to fight with my husband or 11-year-old-PMS-ing-wildebeast stepdaughter as she unleashed hellfire on our house and her father did absolutely nothing to let her know her behavior was okay. When I, as kindly and gently as I could manage, suggest that she could probably do to improve her attitude towards the rest of the house–my out-of-town friends/family included–I got barked at by both of them for being somehow out of line. The hell!?

    Hi, Valentine’s Day sucked. Stepmomming sucks. Hijacking other people’s comments sucks. Sorry.

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…Harriet: Age 33My Profile


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