On Valentine’s Day

Dave and I don’t get too heavy into Valentine’s Day. I think we did for our first V-Day together when we had been dating only a few short months (there was a nice home cooked dinner and some schmancy lingerie – woo woo!) but after that it’s been pretty low key. Actually I don’t believe we’ve ever gone out for an actual romantic hearts and candles Valentine’s Day date! And since we got engaged the week before Valentine’s Day it kind of puts this Hallmark holiday to shame. 😉


That’s not to say I hate Valentine’s Day. The only holiday I really dislike is New Years Eve, but that’s a story for another day. Valentine’s Day is fun! It’s cute! But I definitely don’t put stock into it determining how much my husband loves me.

You know how I know he loves me? When he takes care of something in the house without me asking. Or buys my favorite ice cream/beer/snack. Or comes over and kisses me on the forehead. Or basically any other small insignificant little thing that he does on a regular basis. But everyone is different. Maybe you love the big romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day. To us its just not necessary.

So while I won’t be going out to a romantic candle lit dinner or for a carriage ride through Central Park, I will look forward to the small stuff that puts a smile on our faces. The cards (usually two – one sappy and one funny/perverted.) A small token/something cute to commemorate the day. A fun-filled basket of goodies for Sadie and some goodies for her class. (I usually make some cute DIY Valentine’s for her class but this year she wanted the store bought from Target and who was I to argue? But I have cute ideas for next year!) And my parents taking Sadie over Sunday night so we can go out and we can SLEEP IN on Monday. YESSS.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day? Hearts, candy and the whole nine yards? Keep it simple and light? Go throw darts at a cutout of your ex’s head? 




  1. I don’t know that we are even doing anything this year! Usually my husband will make me a fancy dinner because we hate paying stupid prices just to go out on Valentine’s Day. I don’t really like chocolate so no need for that in our house either….
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  2. Valentine’s is not needed considering how sweet your husband is. I was just thinking in my car that, it’s special when your partner shows his sweet side only to you and no one else. My boyfriend works with a lot of guys and they tend to be so macho but when he’s with me he’s very sweet and caring. To me that’s all that matters, everything aside from that is a plus.!

  3. My husband and I aren’t too into Valentine’s Day, either. We actually don’t really celebrate it. Maybe because his birthday is on the 11th or maybe because I’d rather show affection/love spontaneously rather than because it’s “mandated” due to a holiday. I don’t know. But since this is my second V Day being out of the work force, I told my hubs that I want to celebrate every. single. thing so we’ll see what “special” thing we end up doing.

  4. I don’t like to go out on Valentine’s Day, or do the big romantic gesture and blah blah blah. I do like delivery pizza, Netflix, and a huge stack of frosted sugar cookies. The cookies can even be heart shaped; I’ll allow it. 🙂

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  5. Agreed! We’re getting sushi with friends, & I think that’s perfect. 🙂
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  6. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so it’s always a day (or weekend) filled with a lot. I totally agree with you–my husband shows me his love every day in so many ways, and I never feel like I need a day to celebrate it. But, it is fun! We are going to see Deadpool (romantic, right?) and having dinner at a place we haven’t been to in awhile. Love your post and your insight!

  7. We skip it, we think it’s a manufactured holiday. I get him a card when I’m shopping for cards for my parents and sister (because they always send something) and maybe some Sour Patch Kids.

    But we also have an excuse to skip it because Dan’s birthday is Feb. 17th, so why not just focus on the one that matters more?
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  8. I don’t think I ever dated anyone who was big into the valentine’s thing. That or maybe I just haven’t been in many relationships on valentines. (I know at least one or two have been, but those guys were not into “traditional” romantic gestures at all.) I don’t know if I even want the big schmoopy stuff of valentine’s day… but I for sure want all of those small gestures!
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