When I was pregnant with Sadie I would do bi-weekly bump updates. And when she was a baby I would do monthly updates. And then she turned one and I forgot I had a kid. Just kidding!! I just didn’t have the patience or time for the updates anymore! Womp. I did take a moment to write down some memories here and there but really haven’t done anything in awhile. I want to remember the little things she says or does before it’s been too long and they fade from memory. The Sadie-isms, if you will.


At about 3 1/2 months away from being a four year old (hold me), Sadie…

Asks to wash the dishes. All the time. If the sink isn’t too overloaded or filled with anything dangerous we give her the stepstool, some soap and the sponges/brushes and let her go to town. We know this won’t last long so we want to encourage it while we can! (And no, she isn’t really washing the dishes, we still wash them for real after she’s done.)

Was in dance class and the owner was measuring some girls who had missed getting measured the first time for their recital costumes. The owner came out of the class and told me that Sadie asked to be measured. When she told Sadie that she already had her measurements and didn’t need to do it again, my child said, “Oh but I’m bigger now.” haha!!


Has been taught by Dave how to open the refrigerator (or refligalator as she still calls it) by putting her left foot on the freezer door to brace herself and pull the right side open. It’s a heavy door so she needs to brace herself. And then the other day he had her get him a beer. I was dying.

Dressed up as a princess when we went to Medieval Times (with a sword!) Our knight was the winner at the end of all the challenges and so Dave told Sadie that as the princess she now had to marry the winning knight! She was all excited about this (seriously) until I told her that meant she had to live with him. She thought about it for a minute and said, “I’ll marry him when I’m bigger.” 😉


Says that everything that happened in the past happened, “last year.” Doesn’t matter if it actually happened five minutes ago, yesterday, last week, etc.

Starts off every explanation with, “Well…” before launching into whatever excuse or reason she has for something. Generally for getting out of bed. The other night it was, “Well… my fingernails feel kinda long” 😉


Is very creative with imaginative play but not with other things like naming stuffed animals. She always suggests names like, “Love” or “Rose” or whatever the name of the animal/creature is. I was all excited when she named a stuffed mermaid I got her “Starla” until I realized it was a character from Blaze and the Monster Machines!

Loves to dance and sing. She constantly makes up her own little silly songs and sings along to cartoon theme songs and movies. She loves her toy microphone and Singing Elsa doll that was her Bobo Fairy present. She is also in dance class and LOVES it. And I finally got her to stop looking at herself in the mirror the entire class and pay attention to the teacher.


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  1. I love posts like this!! Kids can be terrorists, for sure, but I love the funny little “isms” they come up with. My family has a cadre of hilarious bits and pieces that came from my nieces and nephews, they have now been canonized into family vernacular. 🙂

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  2. “My fingernails feel kinda long.” LOL That is awesome. So much more creative than the “water? medicine? hug?” routine Izzy sometimes pulls when she isn’t quite ready for us to leave the room yet. 🙂
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  1. […] and 2) how much it’s helped Sadie when I go away. Toddlers have very little concept of time (Sadie still says that everything in the past happened “last years” or now we’ve moved onto everything happening “this morning”) and the day by day […]


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