My First Beautycon BFF Box – a Subscription Box Update

Like most basic girls in the world I’ve been sucked into the land of subscription boxes. At first it was just Stitch Fix but I’ve gone on to try a bunch of other boxes since that first one. I always like hearing from other friends/bloggers about their subscription boxes (FOMO is hardcore yo) so I wanted to give an update on a new one I found and another I gave up.

Much like Kate I found that the PopSugar MustHave Box became more of a Don’t Wanna Have Box for me. The first month was awesome – I really loved what I got! And then each subsequent month after it just seemed to go downhill. This month’s box was a major disappointment – it included gum and freaking chap-stick. Now as much as I love those items in regular life, I don’t pay $40 a month for stuff I can buy at CVS. Subscription – canceled. #sorrynotsorry

Obviously I couldn’t eliminate one subscription box without replacing it with another, so enter the Beautycon BFF Box!

How effing cute is the packaging???

What I liked about the Beautycon BFF Box is that its only sent four times a year so there’s less crap in my house, and its a fraction of the cost of the Popsugar MustHave Box. For $29 you get a box full of fashion and beauty brands with full-size products. And if you pay for the year up front it costs $99, so you save $17. (I went with this option.) The winter box (the first box I received) curated by Youtube star Bethany Mota (I think she also wound up on Dancing with the Stars? Because now Youtube stars count?) It looks like each box is curated by someone internet famous, so that’s kind of cool since they’ll each have a different personality behind them.

I loved my first box! It was full of products I’d buy for myself or want to try, and seriously I can’t get over the adorable packaging!

Beautycon BFF Winter Box

Beautycon BFF Winter Box

Brands in this box include Murad, Soap & Glory, Essie, Maybelline NY, Garnier Fructis, Revlon, Minnie Style, ColourPop, and that awesome Goal Digger notebook – a Beautycon exclusive. And also two gift cards for Nike and Aeropostale. I was most excited about the makeup, especially the ColourPop (it was my first product!) and the notebook. I am both a makeup and notebook addict. It’s true. And I’m obsessed with the little tiny shoebox that the Nike giftcard came in.

At first I was really confused about the Minnie Mouse stuff but then I remembered there is this huge @MinnieStyle collab going on right now so it makes sense. And Sadie loved the mouse ears.

While the products in the Beautycon BFF Box aren’t as high end as Popsugar MustHave Box once was, I just think its more fun and way more worth the money than Popsugar.  And I know I said I liked that this box was only four times a year but now I’m sad that I have to wait until March for my next one!

New favorite subscription box? New favorite subscription box!

P.S. The links included in this post are referral links. If you’re thinking of getting your hands on this box yourself, please use my referral link and that way YOU and I get $10 off! WIN. 


  1. I tried BirchBox back in the day, and I liked it, for a little while. But then I just…I dunno, lost interest? I’ve observed a lot of subscription box love over the years, but have never really wanted to jump in again.

    That being said, I like the idea of a quarterly box instead of a monthly one. Seems like a better way for me to get into the subscription box world.

    Feisty Harriet recently posted…ChronicMy Profile

  2. I so want to get into subscription boxes…. but I’ve yet to find one I can justify the money one. I keep getting drawn towards LootCrate, but each month when I see my friends’ posts, I’m just not so impressed. I’m keeping my eye on OwlCrate — they send YA books with extra goodies. But $30/month adds up very quick. And given how little reading I’m doing this semester (for fun at least), it’s not really a good investment for me.

    Right now I’m researching food related ones, either spices or snacks or if there are any with good cooking gadgets,etc included. Right now I really only know Love With Food (who also donate food to those in need for each subscription, I believe) and JapanCrate (which is just ridiculous Japanese snacks).

    Also: Love those Minnie ears! I got a couple pair for my nieces for their birthday! They like them, but, well, one of them wants us to take the bow off because she likes Mickey more than Minnie! 😉
    Erini recently posted…How I started my own cooking show, well, sort of.My Profile

    • I’ve thought about LootCrate and stuff as well, but not sure we’re gamery enough for it. 😉 Plus if I got a Dr. Who box I wouldn’t know what to do with it hahah. I’ve heard good things about the JapanCrate boxes!

  3. I have been really thinking of trying the Beauty Con BFF box and I thin this just convinced me I need to give it a try!

  4. Oooh, this is fun! I might be using your referral code very soon. 🙂
    Kate recently posted…What I Read in JanuaryMy Profile

  5. What a cute box! And love the quarterly, that’s a little less overwhelming than a monthly for sure.
    katelin recently posted…Some February Facts.My Profile

  6. I got Birchbox for a while when it first came out. Meh. Then I got Rocksbox when they offered me a few months free. (I also paid for an additional two months or so myself.) But wasn’t all that thrilled about that one either. But I signed up for the How To Be A Redhead box which is $18/month and have loved every single one. (I’ve gotten five or six so far.) Each item is tailored for redheads and so far almost all of the items have been things I would actually use.

    This BeautyConBFF box looks really great! FYI, I love that Revlon matte lipstick. I hope you’re next month is as good as this one!

  7. I’ve never heard of this box and now I’m intrigued! I got birchbox subscription as a gift last year and loved it, but was glad I didn’t pay bc the products began to pile up!! I kinda miss it though so I’m considering getting a new one!

  8. This BeautyCon BFF box looks pretty nice. I was subscribed to Ipsy for over a year and I would still be if were not for me cracking down on unnecessary monthly expenditures. It was reasonably priced ($10) and fun to get a variety of new things to try every month. Even the sample sizes tended towards generous but I also don’t wear makeup daily.
    Roxanne recently posted…Ballet Inspired Look – PR&P Nothing but KNIT ChallengeMy Profile


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