My Baby IS a Snow Baby!

Welcome to Winter Storm Jonas!! (By the way, who decided to name winter storms? Why not like Winter Storm 2,081? Does the name make it more personal?)

We’re all cozy in our house and thankfully don’t have to go out for anything. And the city just mandated that all roads were closed starting at 2:30pm and they WILL arrest you if you’re out, so there’s that. Sadie was supposed to be having a sleepover at my parents last night, but she was sick and we decided to pick her up. I’m thankful she’s home with us (and feeling better!) and my parents weren’t saddled with her all weekend. (Not that they would have minded.)

Dave and Sadie braved the elements this morning to have some fun out in the backyard. They’re nuts. I’m the indoorsy parent and I’m totally okay with that. I documented their excursion from the safety of my bedroom. These pictures make me laugh considering that my baby was NOT a snow baby back in 2013 and 2014. 😉 Now she LOVES it. And we prepare and conquer the elements in earnest!

First – head outside with ALL OF THE LAYERS. And swim goggles. Those didn’t last too long – they started fogging up on her. Ooops.


Then you must head into the backyard wilderness with no doubts or reservations… the only way is to throw yourself right in!

After a time the travelers get tired and weary. But what’s that they see in the distance? Could it be?

It is! It is! It’s the winter cottage! The travelers must get to it for warmth and some rest.

The path is treacherous and the snow is deep… but they’ll push through! PERSEVERE!

Its too deep! They can’t walk! No bother, they’ll crawl if they have to.

Keep going! It isn’t much farther…

We… are.. so… close!

There it is! The cottage! We made it!

But how to get in? The smallest traveler has no energy left to get in through the front door – its just too far. She cannot take one more step.

It looks as though she may give up!

But wait… Yes! She’s crawling in through the open window! Smart move young one!

Success! She has made it! Into the warm cottage to regroup and thaw out.

Oh her traveling companion has finally caught up with her. Don’t know what was taking him so long since he’s about three times her height and could maneuver the snow drifts more easily… hmm. Oh well, he’s here now and can help sweep out the snow so they can camp out in the cottage. 🙂

Congratulations weary travelers. And here’s to my young Sadie, Not a Snow Baby forever more!


  1. This is hilarious. And exactly the type of indoorsy parent I think I’ll end up being too. Glad you guys are having fun in this storm!
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