Sadie and The Bobo Fairy

The other night almost without warning, the Bobo Fairy came and visited Sadie and took all her bobos (pacifiers). Now lest you think we’re mean parents and just took them away for her, we’d been talking up the Bobo Fairy for awhile now with no luck. We’d mention maybe giving them away and she’d start to panic. (PS we totally didn’t make up the Bobo Fairy, my sister in law and brother in law did!) We never really worried about her giving them up – just figured now wasn’t the time, but it would happen sooner rather than later. She wouldn’t be heading to kindergarten still using one!

Well the other day we were in Target and Sadie wanted some toy and it just popped into my head. “Well if you give your bobos to the Bobo Fairy, then you’ll be able to get this as your special present!” (We’d been telling her you get a special gift when you give your bobos away.) She actually latched onto the idea and the present was decided on – a Sing-a-Long Elsa Doll.

We went home continuing to talk it up and over dinner outside Sadie looked at the moon and told us that the Bobo Fairy lived there. And so did the Tooth Fairy. “That’s right!” I exclaimed, “They’re roommates! How did you know?” (Now you know too.) “Let’s get an envelope to decorate for the Bobo Fairy and send all your bobos to her at the moon!” And so we did.

We got an envelope and addressed it to the Bobo Fairy, at The Moon and decorated it worthy of a… Bobo Fairy. 😉



Then we went on a bobo hunt! Dave helped as Sadie went on a search for the bobos all around the house.



And then we packaged them up and went to mail them to the Bobo Fairy!


I’ll be honest, I was prepared for a looooooong night of crying, asking for the bobo, etc. But it was fine! She asked for it once before she went to bed, and she also wanted to see the Bobo Fairy. We told her that the Bobo Fairy only comes at night when everyone is sleeping and the moon is full, but we would check to see if she came before Sadie went to bed. So we checked the mailbox and nope, it was still full. I guess Sadie would have to wait until morning. 🙂 She went to bed and I had to replace the batteries in her Seahorse, but before I could even get back to her room with it, she was asleep! She woke up once only to be settled right back down, and that was it! Phew.

Well, morning came, and Sadie had a surprise in the mailbox waiting for her!


Her bobos were gone and there was a letter from the Bobo Fairy! (Crazy bed hair, don’t care!)



With that, Sadie had earned her special present, and Dave whisked her off to Target to get the doll of her dreams! Haha! (It’s actually pretty cool – and she has played with it continually since she got it!)


I’m happy to say that so far, so good! She’s been fine without the bobos, and only asked for it once at night when she woke up randomly. Granted, she only used them at night when she went to sleep but she was pretty addicted to them so I was a bit nervous. She also will see the moon at night and talk about the Bobo Fairy and Tooth Fairy haha! My mom is also getting in on the action – Sadie has some spare bobos at my parents house so my mom went out and got her some little things from the Bobo Fairy and will tell her she sent those off too.



  1. This is the CUTEST STORY! Oh my gosh, love it.
    Stevie recently posted…Land OwnersMy Profile

  2. THIS IS THE CUTEST. Such creative parents! Love it.
    Kate @ recently posted…8 Terrible Things About My New ApartmentMy Profile

  3. I freaking love this. I found your post via Pinterest as the Bubba Fairy is coming to our house tonight and I was hoping to find some experiences. I love the note idea. We have the gift down pat and read a book all week, but I am still anticipating a LONG night and ultimately a 90 day inpatient program for him. Thanks for sharing!
    Jackie recently posted…A Birthday for a Super Hero!My Profile

    • Good luck! I was honestly waiting for a long night that first night but she slept right through and then that was it! She maybe asked for it one after?


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