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Hello, my name is Lacey and I started therapy in March. (hiiiiiiiiii Laceyyyyyyyyy!)

Why therapy? Well in one word… anxiety.

I think that I’ve always been a bit anxious, but I’ve always chalked it up to being “sensitive” or a description akin to that. I cry very easily, get upset over small things, etc. More recently though, certain life experiences have made the “emotional” episodes worse and I’ve been realizing that my symptoms are more aligned to the qualities tied to anxiety. Since these feelings and moments have been getting more pronounced, I wanted to learn to quell them before it got to be too bad. This feels like it has been years in the making, but I finally bit the bullet and started reaching out to get help instead of internalizing.

My journey really started a few years ago I tried reaching out to a doctor before I was pregnant with Sadie, but either got the number wrong or they weren’t taking patients – I don’t remember. But I got disillusioned and didn’t reach out again.

I also go through periods of ups and downs. When I’m in a down period, I consider going to see someone, but then I get back into the upswing and feel okay again and drop the idea. (This cycle has repeated itself many times.)

I finally told my regular doctor (over a year ago) about the anxiety and he was quick to try and prescribe me something. I didn’t want to jump straight into meds for reasons of my own and he gave me a number to call for a mental health place in my town. Well of course it took me MONTHS to call that number, and they didn’t take my insurance. At this point I was realizing that my anxious periods were becoming more frequent and I knew I couldn’t wait again. So I Googled another local place, got a counselor on the phone and they steered me to Psychology Today where I could look up not only doctors in my area, but what they specialized in and what insurance they took. One phone call later and I had an appointment in a few short weeks (due to travel on my part).

I’ve had a couple of appointments now, and right now we’re really just focusing on getting to the root of my anxiety. I know that there were certain trigger periods that made it worse, but I since I always remember feeling anxious, we’re trying to see why. A major thing we’ll have to tackle is the awful ex-boyfriend that left me with a lot of emotional scars that I still carry around now. An example of that is getting upset or anxious over things that I know I have no control over, but they affect me anyway, because I think that someone will be mad or upset at me for them.

I really don’t have any expectations from my therapy appointments but I’m happy to be talking to someone who can help. And this isn’t something I wanted to keep a secret or keep to myself. There’s no shame in needing to reach out for help and I’m only sad that it took me so long. I plan on being completely honest and open about my anxiety and therapy – why put a stigma on something that shouldn’t be looked down upon? So please, feel free to ask me questions either to address on the blog or via email. It took me long enough to reach out for help, and maybe me talking about it will help others to take that next step too.


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  1. I also have anxiety and in both therapy and take medication for it, I cannot believe how much of a difference they have both made!! I have learned a lot with my therapist, and while I appreciate that route I also LOVE that my meds reduced my panic attacks by about 80 percent within a few weeks. I still have episodes, but I can usually define the trigger that started them instead of just feeling super panicky all the time.

    A very kind friend once told me that any kind of emotional/mental therapy is just part of keeping healthy, like a teeth cleaning. You should probably go see a therapist every 6 months whether you think you need it or not, they can give you a quick cleaning and if there are any outstanding issues (cavities, root canal, crown) you can get it taken care of before it gets so bad you need a new mouth. Therapy is the same way. Sometimes we need follow-up appointments, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we may need a little pill to help us over the humps, sometimes we don’t. We can learn about preventative practices to work on at home to reduce our gingivitis/emotional breakdowns, and overall will end up healthier than we were before we went to the therapist/dentist.

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    • I love the teeth cleaning analogy!! I’m so glad to hear that these things have been so helpful for you, I’m hopeful that I will see the same results. <3

  2. I had my first therapy with a sports psychologist in high school, because my test and performance anxiety was impacting my running. I was a competitive runner, consistently #1 on my team, having races where I’d be like 6th or 7th because I got into my own head.

    After my divorce, I spent another full year in at least monthly therapy to deal with my perfectionist/OCD mother issues as well as to deal with my shame and depressions and anxiety over doing something that wasn’t “picture perfect” in life. I was diagnosed with “adjustment disorder” and the anti-anxiety meds and therapy really helped.

    Now I just know when I’m going to lose it, and Dan knows how to talk me down. And vice versa, he’s the same as me. I think therapy is amazing because it teaches you how to live, because it’s always going to be there… like that dark hair on my chin that always comes back when I think it’s finally gone for good.
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    • I think having a partner that knows how to deal with and work with you through these periods is seriously one of the best keys to getting through it all. I’m so glad you found Dan. And thanks for sharing your own experience 🙂

  3. I started therapy last January, a week after Nathan & I split up, & it has been a lifesaver, probably literally. I have learned so many coping mechanisms, I’ve gotten to understand myself & my habits much better, I have less of a temper, I am far less panicked & terrified of the world. I did start medication last month, so now I’m doing both, but it’s the right fit for me right now, & I feel really good. I hope therapy works for you, too!
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    • Thanks Kate! I’ve already started to see some coping mechanisms pop up into my day to day which is great, and I’m hopeful that there will just be more and more to come. Glad you are feeling good. <3

  4. So glad you’re talking to someone who can help. Even if you don’t know what you want to get out of it, at least you’re doing it. xo
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