Making a list and checking it twice

listI’m a big list maker. At work, I have to work with a notebook by my side that I’m constantly updating with new things I have to do, crossing out what’s done and then starting a whole new page when it gets too messy. (OCD YAY!) Until recently I was only doing this at work and not in my personal life which HELLO? I have SO much I want to/need to do at home that I couldn’t keep track of it all in my head! And then I’d start to get anxious that I wasn’t getting anything done (also because I love my couch big time and spend massive amounts of time asleep on it) but I couldn’t remember what it was I had to do in the first place! ACK! So a notebook for personal to-do’s was born. And I LOVE crossing items off of it. The stuff currently going on?

  • Get car detailed (I don’t think I’ve done this EVER since having my car. It’s gross)
  • Organize basement (it is a hell hole)
  • Organize linen closet (also hell hole)
  • Organize spare room (all of the crap from the linen closet is scattered in there while I organize)
  • Spraypaint table (I want to spray paint our coffee table with chalkboard paint)
  • Spray paint picture frames (black, to match the rest of the house)
  • List all items – Poshmark/eBay (I have a bunch of stuff on Poshmark, but only sold 1 item. I’m not very high-end when it comes to clothes. Will try to list everything on eBay as well.)
  • Make T-shirt pillows (1). (I made one so far, and now I need to make another with an old Bronx Underground shirt.)
  • T-shirt blanket. (like the one I made here, but this time from Dave’s old shirts)
  • Call T-mobile re: corporate discount. (I get one with my new company – gotta see if I can apply it to our account!)
  • Fix red jacket pocket. My adorable ModCloth red jacket has a giant hole in the pocket. I keep forgetting about it and I will lose my keys/phone/important things one day from it.
  • Finish updating Sadie’s closet (her drawers are pretty much up to date with her current size but her closet still has a lot of 12 month items in it. Also, she can probably still fit into some! Little peanut.)

Phew. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? And I keep adding to it every day or so. There was more to do on there but I worked from home yesterday so I was able to tackle organizing the tupperware (why does it always explode in the cabinets?) and going through Sadie’s baby clothes for my sister-in-law who is having a little girl in May.

I haven’t purchased Hunter or Sorel boots yet but I made a separate list for clothing purchases that I need. Yes, need. Part of my closet updating/buying quality items over crappola.

I have to say having these all written out, even though it looks daunting, causes me a lot less anxiety than when I had it all in my head. Drove me nuts! And plus there’s nothing like the satisfaction of crossing something off the list!

Do you have a running to-do list? How do you keep it all organized? Mine is a simple notebook. I’ve tried planners with lists in them but I hated the Erin Condren planner I got once and I prefer my calendars to be digital so I can share with Dave. What works for you? I’m such an organizational nerd sometimes!


  1. I quit TWO Erin Condren planners. Wish I had the money. I use Trello now, in web browser and on my phone. It’s free, you make each task a “card” and can sort them and assign colors/due dates. You can even share your lists with Dave if he has an account. I tried to use a planner app that synced with my calendar, but I found that having this separate still works just as well… I haven’t found a planner app that I feel does everything I want in a task organizer.
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    • We just share a Google calendar – works for us! At least in terms of planning for each other. I would have liked the Erin Condren better if it was smaller. Its just so big! (TWSS)

      • OH, I hear you. I desperately wanted that Erin Condren to work. The second time I ordered one with 12 months vs 18 months, which definitely helped, but still HUGE and not something I wanted to carry around. I’m hoping the app they come out with (possibly this year) is a better fit, because my iPad Mini is the perfect planner size.
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  2. I am addicted to lists! and do the same thing where I need to create a new list when my old one gets too messy.. .

  3. I always have at least one to-do list floating around. I usually use the To-Do app on my phone or I’ll sketch down a note if I’m thinking about it. It’s quite scatterbrained really, but it works for me!
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