Remembering the small stuff (2)

In trying to keep track of the little things that make up my 21-month-old daughter (ACKKK), another post is necessary because guys, since the last one I did, she’s grown so much!

– Now when Sadie wants something badly she adds “too” onto it. “I want juice too!” “I want cheese too!” So on and so forth. I’m sure this came from daycare where she’s not the only one but it’s pretty amusing when she does it at home, since it’s just her!

– She also asks for more when she hasn’t had any in the first place. Like, she’ll grab an empty snack bowl and thrust it at me asking for more Cheerios, or whatever.

Fun words and terms:
– cackers = crackers
– Dah Maduffin = Doc McStuffins
– Bob Bob = Spongebob
– Apple Jooose = an apple sauce pouch. And sometimes actual apple juice.


– We’ve switched from saying “yes” to saying “yeah” like a sassy teenager. “Sadie, do you want to take a bath?” “Yeah…”

– “Oh no!” is now her favorite exclamation of choice when something unfavorable happens.

– Don’t be offended if Sadie doesn’t say goodbye to you when you leave. Because the minute the door shuts with you on the other side, she waves and says “bye bye”! Because you being right in front of her doesn’t mean that you’re leaving, until you’re actually gone.

– Sadie sings all day long. All day! She loves to sings, and her repertoire includes:
– ABCs
– Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
– Row, Row, Row Your Boat*
– The Itsy Bitsy Spider*
– Wheels on the Bus*
– Happy Birthday
– The Bumblebee Song (aka the weirdest song ever)
– Old MacDonald
(*complete with accompanying hand gestures)

The best is that she totally does her own mash-ups of songs. Like, “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are? E-I-E-I-E-I-O!”

– Every time Sadie looks outside and see’s the snow on the ground she exclaims, “It’s snowing out dere!” (And she’s starting to not hate the snow as much) 😉

– She’ll see something she made or will hold up a picture she is coloring and say, “I made dis!”

– Sadie is getting a little bossy. When she wants us to do something in another room she’ll tell us to “Go!” and point to where we should be heading. She also demands for us to “Get up!” if we’re on the floor or seated, or she wants to be picked up.

– Her favorite album to dance to is Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Girlfriend has some MOVES!



  1. So adorable!
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  2. I love to hear about her personality! One of our friends has a toddler boy (He’s three now) but last summer he was all about the hand holding and then saying “go here!” or “do this!” and while it was kinda bossy it was hard to resist since he would take your hand and lead you to “go here!”

  3. i mean that just sounds like the cutest. & love that family photo, so precious!
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