Cooking with Sadie!

In Sadie’s wishlist for the little chef I talked about her play kitchen, and how awesome it is. She received the Step2 Lil’ Chef’s Gourmet Kitchen for Hannukah and it was, and still is, a BIG hit.

Other kids not included

This kitchen has so many cool features. First of all, instead of an ordinary coffee pot, it has a KEURIG. (A generic, non-name brand one, but still.) those three circular discs below the clock on the top left – those are the pods for the coffee maker.


One of the burners makes cooking noises depending on which pot or pan you place on it, and there is a timer on the oven that beeps. The kitchen also comes with a little cell phone (don’t really know why?) but it’s super cute – Sadie now picks it up and goes “Heyyo?? Ummmmm…” and has toddler-language conversations on it. It’s pretty funny.


She’s a little short for the top half of the kitchen right now, but can reach the coffee pods, just not the microwave or top cabinet. Doesn’t really bother her though!! It’s amazing realizing what Sadie picks up by watching us. Like shaking “spices” over a pot, or closing the oven door with her foot. Whoops on that last one. 🙁


The only downside of the kitchen was the assembly. Sometimes there are holes for screws, and sometimes there aren’t. And sometimes the holes aren’t big enough anyway, so you have to make them bigger. Oh, and I know I’m not an idiot, but something that helped out with sticker placement would have been nice. Dave and I were two college educated adults trying to guess where certain stickers needed to go. It shouldn’t have been that hard!

I really like Step2 products – we also got Sadie the Little Helper’s Shopping Cart with a Hanukkah gift card. It was much easier to put together, and Sadie pushes it all around the house.

I wish I had a play kitchen like this when I was little!!

I was not compensated in any way by Step2, nor did they endorse this post. I just wanted to share the awesome kitchen Sadie has, since I love seeing other parents share products their kids enjoy. 


  1. aw this is so cute! love it.
    katelin recently posted…Things I Learned On My Day Off.My Profile

  2. I absolutely love that they’ve replaced the normal coffee pot with k-cups!
    Shoshanah recently posted…Monday Movie ReviewMy Profile


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