“Overwhelmed” is a word I’d use to describe how I’ve felt recently about my digital life recently. There are more times than not when I’d look at my closed laptop, and immediately start to feel anxious about all the unread blogs, emails, updates and other things I’d been letting pile up. It was hitting the point of ridiculousness. So I decided that 2014 was going to be the year when I pared down, and really decluttered my online surroundings. Commence #DECLUTTER2014!!!

Basically I’ve been unsubscribing from a LOT of things. And it feels amazing. Steps I’ve taken so far include the below:

  • Unsubscribing from ALL OF THE EMAILS. I’d wake up in the morning, check my phone and have at least 10 emails already sitting in my inbox, most if not all of which were marketing emails or spam. Was I going to read them? Unless they are from Old Navy or ModCloth, probably not. So I’ve been hitting unsubscribe in a major way. No more alerts from stores, no more emails from Twitter for Businesses, no more junk. I tried using unroll.me, but really wasn’t a fan of it. And didn’t like that you had to keep sharing it with friends in order to unlock more features.
  • Halting efforts on my beer blog Once Upon a Stein. At least for now. I never really gave it the proper attention I wanted to, and it stresses me out that I don’t update it as regularly as I want either. It was making me want to NOT drink beer because I’d try something new and then get anxious about not blogging about it, so the solution was just to not drink. WHAT IS THE WHAT WITH THAT? I don’t even. So no beer blog for right now.
  • Hitting “remove” repeatedly on my Feedly account. Scroll past a new blog post rather than read it? Sorry – removed! I also have a bad habit of keeping blogs in my reader (on my reader?) because I feel an obligation towards the owner – whether I’ve met them in person or we have an online friendship. Not no more! Mama ain’t got no time for that!
  • OMG Twitter. I haven’t really been an active Twitter-er in months. Why? Because I couldn’t keep up! I was following so many people/companies that I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what I was looking at when I opened up my feed. The other day I seriously unfollowed about 400 people/companies. Sorry not sorry. I feel so much better about it now, and am happy to be tweeting my face off once again.
  • Facebook hasn’t really been touched, only to hide a news feed or two, and maybe unfriend random people who I just don’t know why I was friends with in the first place. You know who I’m talking about – you have them on your Facebook too.

Ahhhh. I open my computer and don’t feel like I’m already behind on whatever it is I want to do. It’s fantastic.

I also stepped back from a few other things I was involved in such as 20SB and Girls Pint Out LI. I’m still involved with 20SB, but on a smaller scale. I used to drive myself nuts trying to figure out ways to update the twitter feed and be as active as possible, but now I help out where and when I can. I wish I had more time for it, but I feel better knowing that some of my cohorts have a much better handle on things, and the community continues to grow and change in a great direction. With Girls Pint Out, the same thing basically happened. I was so focused on trying to publish great content to the twitter and Facebook accounts, and promote events that I was twitching from it all. Tack on the fact that the events are out in Long Island and I was working in the city – I could barely make it on time, if at all, to any of the events we were throwing. I’m hoping that someone with a lot of time and energy will help the chapter founder bring the group back to life soon.

It’s a hard switch, going from wanting to do it all and be involved in as much as possible, to realizing that I needed to take a step back and really evaluate how I was spending my time online. And the more involved I got with different opportunities, social media and overall internet crap, the less time I wanted to look at my computer screen and be involved with anything at all.

But the work isn’t done yet! I know there’s more areas for me to #Declutter2014! Have you taken a step back from your online life or other commitments? Was it a short term thing, or something you adapted into your every day?



  1. I’ve also been going wild with the “unsubscribe” and removing blogs from feedly.

    Feedly will have to be an ongoing thing for me because I think I find a blog at least twice (or more) a week that gets added for one reason or another but the next month I realize there are others I’m no longer interested in.

    I sometimes do have like 10+ posts from certain bloggers and then go through and read/comment on several that have interest for me, but then just mark some of them as read too.
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  2. I moved my social media apps to a single “folder” on my iPhone so they don’t get top billing. It has really cut down on the number of times I check per day. I’ve also done Unroll.me, deleted a bunch of folks from FB, and continually weed out my Feedly. I do a similar exercise with my closet! It feels so good and cathartic.

    I’ve really adapted this into my everyday rhythm though. I often delete people from Facebook on their birthday. Because if I don’t feel close enough to them to leave a Happy Birthday message, should I really be sharing so much of my personal life with them? Deleted. Do it as you go, and it doesn’t feel like an extra task… it feels like lightening the load.
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  3. oh i have totally been stepping back from social media too and it’s so refreshing. unsubscribing from emails is such a weight off, as is unfollowing people and unsubscribing when you weren’t even reading them in the first place. nicely done!
    katelin recently posted…Just, Some Things.My Profile

  4. When I decided to start blogging again this year, the first thing I did was clean out my feedly. Apart from wanting a fresh start, I also didn’t want to feel so overwhelmed. I removed the dead blogs and the blogs I was never going to read anyways. You’d be surprised how much it helped. Big sigh.
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  5. I was getting so overwhelmed in December that I decided to take a complete break from Facebook for the whole month of January to focus on the other things. I’ve always been good about unsubscribing from email but terrible about unfriending. It’s nice to have a fresh start to the year. I have a funny feedly system, all my blogs are in category folders. So some categories I don’t get to for more than I week. If I go and there are more than 2 unread posts I want to skip over that blog gets deleted. I feel ya on the obligation thing. I think bc we all started back in the day when there weren’t many other bloggers.
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  6. Oh PS: not sure why but I love that I can comment on your blog via mobile (actually in feedly). There are so many blogs I read that I would like to comment on but their commenting system has iPhone. So yay.
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