My first Stitch Fix experience

I finally bit the Stitch Fix bullet. Been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Stitch Fix? To summarize, it’s an online personal shopper. You pay a $20 styling fee, and fill out a style profile, so their stylists can pick out clothes that they think you’ll like. You can also add in links to your blog or Pinterest boards, so they can get a more in depth idea of your style. Then, you get sent five items a month, and you only keep what you like. The $20 goes towards your purchase, and you get a discount if you buy all five items. They also include a prepaid return mailer, so there is no work for you to return the unwanted items!

I was a little hesitant to sign up at first, because of the mailing back portion (I’m SO lazy) and because I had heard that the items were a little pricey. BUT then I learned that you can set a budget for the pieces of your fix, and I definitely put mine on the lowest end. I received my first fix last month, and here are the items:


Packaged up so nicely!

(Stupidly I threw out the card the included which described each item, so ignore the less than stellar descriptions of each garment.)


This shirt looks nicer to me in the photos than it did in person. I love purple, but wasn’t a fan of the cut or style. It was almost a little too… prim? And it had elastic hemmed sleeves (I don’t think that’s the right term at all) which I didn’t like.








I wasn’t sure about this top when I first saw it, but when I put it on it was love at first… wear. It’s a great, jeweled toned green color, with thin black stripes, tight sleeves, and an asymmetrical hemline. Super comfy, super cozy, and you can dress it up or down. I’ve worn it as seen here (duckie slippers not included) and to go out to dinner with a statement necklace and riding boots.








This open cardigan I thought I would love when I first saw it, but I only had lukewarm feelings for it when I put it on. I felt like it should have been longer. It was also a pretty thin material.









I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this infinity scarf. It’s almost midnight blue, with a grey bird print. It is gigantic, and so, so cozy. I have a major hard on for infinity scarves, especially ones that actually keep me somewhat warm while looking fashionable, and also – BIRDS!


IMG_2239Last but not least were these jeans. Not much to say besides too big (loose) and too long. Jeans are almost always too long on me, so I didn’t have high hopes. Wah wahhh.

Please ignore all the shitty photos. My only full length mirror is in our upstairs hallway, and the lighting is AWFUL. I’m also not a fashion blogger, so maybe I take back that apology. At least until I get a better place to take clothing photos.

I kept the green and black striped top, and the bird print scarf. The items were a little pricier than I usually buy for myself, but you know what? I shop at Old Navy almost religiously, and never buy anything of really good quality for myself. I think I deserve to bulk up my wardrobe with some items that will actually last.

Once you get your fix, in order to give your stylist more insight into your preferences, you fill out a post-fix survey rating each time. Then you decide what you’re keeping, if anything, check out online, and package up the rest to send back!

I can’t wait to see what comes in my January fix!

Click here to sign up for your own Stitch Fix.


Usual disclaimer nonsense – I was not compensated at all, but finally signed up myself and wanted to share my experience for anyone else interested, but afraid to get into it! Referral links included. 


  1. People have been trying to get me into Stitch Fix forever, but I really enjoy shopping for individual items too much to pay someone to do it for me. I’m not into surprises, I guess! But I think it’s a fascinating concept and definitely perfect for someone who doesn’t want to scour the internet or the mall to find pieces that are on trend and a good deal for the quality. I have friends who have been doing it for over a year and love it to bits, especially because it supposedly gets even better after the first couple of fixes when the stylists really get to know you more personally.

    Oh, and as for not liking to mail things, you can totally schedule a USPS or UPS/Fedex guy to come to your house to pick it up for mailing! It’s awesome! (I even have Priority Mail boxes and stamps delivered to me at home too… I don’t mess with the post office lines.)
    Aubrey recently posted…The Fresh 20 @thefresh20My Profile

  2. My fourth StitchFix box should arrive today, & I have mixed feelings. I’ve bought one item each from my first three Fixes, & I like both of those a lot, but overall, I’ve been so meh about everything else in them – & when I’ve really liked something, they’ve been too expensive to buy. $120 blazer?! No. I work from home. I finally wigged out a little & was like, “I’M ASKING YOU NOT TO INCLUDE SUCH EXPENSIVE STUFF,” so when I got the email that my most recent Fix had shipped, I couldn’t wait – & checked the website so see what they’d sent, then Googled each of those pieces, which I found pictures of in other people’s blog reviews of their own Fixes! Everything in this box – the cheaper box – looks so shitty. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised? But also, maybe this will be my last Fix, because I sort of feel like I’m wasting my money & should just go shopping, which I actually like…

    ALSO, anyway, I love that scarf, in particular.
    Kate @ recently posted…I Resolve NothingMy Profile

  3. I’m often tempted to try this out, but I’m always nervous nothing will fit and then I’ll be sad. That scarf is awesome though.
    BakingSuit recently posted…A gift to me, from me that looks like it will give all year longMy Profile

    • Try it! The questionnaire you fill it is pretty thorough, down to size for EVERYWHERE and how you like things to fit. You can always give it a 1 month go and cancel!

  4. i have to admit i’d heard of Stich Fix and totally thought it was something for people who knitted, ha. So many monthly boxes out there! Love the scarf you got and those sweaters, I swear this would be so dangerous for me but so fun!
    katelin recently posted…The Holiday Numbers (2nd Edition)My Profile

  5. I did a total of 3 Fixes and was SO disappointed! First time, only 3 of the 5 items were in the box, then I got a lot of cheap looking stuff that was so expensive. And not aligned at all with what I requested or with my taste (even after filling out that huge survey. A coworker had really good luck with them, which is why I tried it, but I was not a fan. Maybe I’ll try again in a few months but glad you had better luck!
    Jessica recently posted…New Years Do OverMy Profile

  6. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I love getting surprises in the mail and would love someone else to pick out a couple things for me, since I feel like I’m in a wardrobe rut these days. Might have to finally bite the bullet and sign up. Glad to hear you had a good experience.
    Sara McCarty recently posted…Pillsbury Gluten Free Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

  7. I always read about companies like this and think it sounds like so much fun. But I’m still a little leery of it. I just don’t like spending money on clothes in general, and the idea that this basically requires it…. But I do kind of love the idea of having a personal shopper. So we’ll see if I ever actually give in to it.
    Shoshanah recently posted…Monday Movie ReviewMy Profile


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