My baby is not a snow baby… part 2

It’s that time of year again! Time to let our child explore get tortured by the snow! We had a decent snowstorm at the end of the week – enough to shut down major roadways during the peak hours, and close down all schools on Friday. It finally let up around mid-morning and so we figured we’d bring Sadie outside to play! It’ll be so much fun! She’ll love it! Well remember last year? First, I’ll let us all soak in HOW LITTLE SADIE WAS and OMG SHE WAS SO CUTE!!! (She is still cute, but then she was itty bitty BABY cute.) Second, please note that this year we had adequate snow gear for her. Parenting win! And now, the chain of events:

Bring baby (now referred to as toddler) outside. Yay snow! She has not touched it yet, so all is well.


Tell the toddler that it’s ok! Snow is fun!


Unseen: toddler already unhappy at Dad throwing himself down to make a snow angel. Also, ignore my unmade up face but revel in my AWESOME HAT.


Give toddler words of encouragement – isn’t this fun?! YAY SNOW!!!


Let’s see if she’ll sit in the snow with Daddy! Uh-oh…


Toddler is now very, VERY unhappy at her predicament. (And of course I love this picture DEARLY.)


Take toddler into nice, pristine, snow-filled backyard where the scene of last year’s crime occurred. Toddler does not want anything to do with the snow. Ever. At all. And now hates us forever.


So basically, we proved once again that Sadie truly is my child, and likes to enjoy the snow from the warmth and comfort of her own home, rather than experiencing it outside, first-hand. 😉


  1. Aww that makes the snow loving child in me sad…and yet the grown up in me totally gets it!

    Such a cutie
    bakingsuit recently posted…Frank said… #65My Profile

  2. Um, except these pictures are hysterical. I love them. Sorry, Sadie.
    Kate @ recently posted…I Resolve NothingMy Profile

  3. haha! these photos are better than crying toddlers sitting on Santa’s lap. I can relate, that’s pretty much what I think about all of winter.
    Elysa recently posted…Ladies activewear for every budgetMy Profile


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