2014 Goals

Like last year I’m setting up goals for myself instead of calling them resolutions. I don’t know why this makes me feel better about them, but it does.

To review, my goals last year were to:

  1. Put more effort into my appearance – pretty much a fail. I blame it on my having a baby/toddler and therefore not enough sleep and also on my hour-long commute+dropping off Sadie at daycare each morning. That does not bode well for me in regards to throwing on something better than leggings (AS PANTS!), boots and some kind of slouchy top each day. With my hair in a topknot, as per usual.
  2. Be a better friend – I’m going to give myself a fail for this one too. I break plans way too often. And often just sit on my couch rather than go out somewhere. I’m a pretty craptacular person.
  3. Take deep breaths – this one I think I actually did okay on. I’ve been learning to pause and just breathe in when I get frustrated, or just walk away from the situation all together. I’d rather do that then lash out and regret it almost immediately.
  4. Stop comparing – hit or miss with this one. Especially when it comes to us having another child. But I remind myself that no one’s life is perfect, and just because my kid’s party wasn’t pinterest worthy, doesn’t mean she’s not as loved.
  5. Preserve memories – yeah this memory jar was a fail. I think I made it (kind of) until March? But at least I’m taking time to jot down the small stuff more on the blog.

This year, I’m keeping it simple:

  1. Accessorize – if I’m not going to dress better, at least I can dress my current state of affairs up with some snazzy jewelry! I’ve been getting more into statement pieces and I’m trying to reintroduce earrings into my ensemble. (I barely ever wear them.)
  2. Keep running – I don’t want this to become something that I’ve gotten into, just to give up a few months later. I’ve already signed up for my first 10k, but that’s not until October, so I definitely need something sooner!
  3. Tackle clutter – I have a separate post set up to talk about unsubscribing from a lot of the digital and other clutter in my life, but this is about the actual clutter of my house. Dave and I fall into ruts where we don’t clean for weeks or even months, and then spend full on DAYS cleaning our house. I’ve started to pick up here and there each day, for just a few minutes at a time, and just that little bit of effort makes a difference. Put dishes in the dishwasher right away, fold clothes right out of the laundry, put Sadie’s toys back where they belong each night… a little goes a long way.

Any resolutions or goals for you in 2014? I’m always intrigued by those who set up monthly goals vs an overall set for the year, but I think I’d have even less discipline when it comes to that.


  1. I like the “Tackle Clutter” resolution, especially as it relates to digital clutter. I think I could definitley cull my electronic subscriptions. But I could also do better about putting my clean, folded clothes away and taking the pile of cardboard stacking up by the door OUT TO THE RECYCLE BIN…the one that sits RIGHT NEXT TO MY PARKING SPOT on a more regular basis. Ahem.

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  2. I also prefer to call them goals if I’m going to do something specific. I fell like goals are something to work towards and don’t have to be absolute. I don’t like absolutes.

    Like last year, I have some things I have in mind for my year. Think of it as a theme? This year is Peace, Simplicity and Joy. I have things that fall under those three headings like cleaning out clutter, spending more time with people I love and enjoy etc, but most of my unofficial to do list for 2014 falls under those three headings.

    I’m also involved in a Doing Things Differently project that has specific goals set for it but didn’t start at New Years.

    I can’t wait to see your post on decluttering (especially digitally!) it’s not one of my strong suits.

    Thanks for sharing your goals!
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  3. Tackled clutter all day long, man. I also clean in surges and it takes me for.ev.er to do it, because I end up with everything everywhere it shouldn’t be. I always tell myself I can do better.

    GOOD LUCK. 🙂

    And happy new year.
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  4. I love how you kept your goals simple!
    It’s more difficult to stick to super specific goals. But you have a great set of resolutions!

    I hope you stick with it! 🙂
    Have a good year!


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