Sadie’s Wish List for the Little Chef

Last, but more than certainly not least, is Sadie’s wishlist for the little chef! Ever since she was mobile, Sadie’s loved playing with everything she could get her tiny little hands on in the kitchen. And rearranging the bottom shelf of our fridge. And also sitting in our fridge, but that’s just… weird.

She is always quick to mimic Dave and I, and I think she gets irritated that she can’t do the same in the kitchen, since everything is above her eye level. After she was gifted a kitchen of her very own (see below), she’s been super busy “cooking” up a feast of her very own! Now we just need some more accessories to complete the package!

For the Little Chef
  • Step2 Lil’ Chef’s Gourmet Kitchen: This was an early Hanukkah gift from my parents. Sadie is OBSESSED. She loves stirring the bubbling pots on the stove, hanging up the spoons, making coffee, etc. Full review to come!
  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Kitchen Bottle Collection: When I saw this set of wooden magnetic kitchen bottles online I almost died from the cuteness. Amiright?
  • Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Crate: To be honest, I’ve wanted this for Sadie, and well, mainly for me, after MODG Blog talked about it, like, over a year ago. I WANT THE SATISFACTION OF CUTTING THROUGH VELCRO FRUIT!
  • KidKraft Tasty Treats Pretend Food Play: Sadie needs ALL OF THE FOOD ACCESSORIES for her kitchen. ALL OF THEM. Step2 makes a set as well, but the KidKraft set is cheaper and comes with (4) more pieces.
  • Land of Nod Leafy Keen Salad Set: Between the Melissa & Doug kitchen bottle set, and this Salad Bowl play set, I don’t think Sadie would ever get near her kitchen again, cause I’d be all over it. The lettuce is made of felt you guys! FELT!
  • Step2 Little Helper’s Shopping Cart: Sadie needs this partly because she’d love pushing it around the house, and also because I can store all the aforementioned play food in it when she’s not using it. Also – why is the pink version always more $$ than the blue? I would get her the blue one, but c’mon people! Stupid gender assigning.
  • KidKraft Tasty Treats Chef Accessory Set: This was a Hanukkah gift from my cousin Samantha and her boyfriend/almost fiance (we all know it’s coming!) and now Sadie makes Dave and I put on the hat, and imitate the Swedish Chef from The Muppets. How does she ask us to do it? She gives us the hat and starts flapping her arms up and down. HAHAHA.
  • Little Helper Broom Set: We actually got this at Buy Buy Baby months ago, because Sadie was always trying to grab our broom to sweep, and was getting insanely frustrated because, well, it’s four times her size. She STILL takes this broom out to sweep. The dustpan and brush are super cute too, and she uses them whenever she sees one of us using ours… which is barely never, because we’re horrible at cleaning, but shhh.

And that’s it! I hope these wishlists were helpful if you have a little one in your life that you are shopping for!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Mac has a kitchen and lots of food, which he loves. We got him the cutting food and new pots/pans for Christmas. He’s going to love cooking now!
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