Getting into the Holiday Spirit, a Little Forcefully

This weekend the plan was to “Christmas-fy” our house. And yesterday, as we were preparing to pull out the necessary boxes from the basement, I admitted to Dave that I just wasn’t into it. And he agreed, he just wasn’t about decorating this year. Usually I’m the first to start bugging Dave before Thanksgiving about when we can decorate. The rule, agreed upon by both of us, is that we wait until after Thanksgiving. (TURKEYS BEFORE TREES!) But I like to annoy him about it anyway. This year Black Friday, our usual day of decorating, came and went and nothing happened.

I don’t know if Hanukkah happening SO FREAKING EARLY had anything to do with the lack of decorating enthusiasm, but neither one of us had the “spirit”, if you will. I really didn’t want to skimp though, especially since last year Sadie was only eight months old, and this year, at almost 20 months (where did my baby go?) she can enjoy it so much more.

So out came the decorations, the moving of furniture to accommodate our hand-me-down tree, and the Christmas tunes. And you know what? Despite Sadie refusing to take a nap, and the fact that it was freezing outside when Dave strung up our house lights, we got into it. It was fun reminiscing about each ornament we had collected together, especially the ones from places we’ve traveled to together. And pulling out Sadie’s 1st ornaments. Dave and I used to get each other a new ornament each year, but now with Sadie, we decided to just get a new family ornament for the year.

Photo Dec 09, 11 39 14 AM

Scenes from decorating

Now I don’t know about your tastes in Christmas music, but the ONLY Christmas music allowed in our house is the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack by the Vince Guaraldo trio. That’s it. No other music.

Sadie LOVED putting ornaments on the tree. Of course with her little barely-20-months old not-s0-fine-tuned motor skills, half of them didn’t get hooked on, or fell to the floor. But we made sure to put the non-breakable ornaments within her reach, for her enjoyment and to hopefully not have her break a cherished ornament. I also put a lot of the holiday plushies and rubber ducks in her reach. Of course she wants the stuff that’s higher up, but TOO BAD CHILD! TAKE WHAT IS THERE FOR YOU! (That never works.)

Photo Dec 08, 1 01 46 PM

Our awesome snowflake, and yes, I’m leaving that Menorah up through December

Like how brown our grass is compared to our neighbors? Yeah, we’re that house.

Photo Dec 08, 12 59 52 PM

The BEST Christmas tree scented candle

Photo Dec 08, 1 02 04 PM

This one smells pretty yummy too











It’s crazy how if Sadie wasn’t here, I’m not sure we would have really gone all out decorating. But I’m glad we forced ourselves to get it together for her. It really helped put me in the Christmas mood. Now I just have to wrap all the presents! They definitely wont be under our tree until Christmas Eve, due to prying little fingers, but better to get it done now!

Photo Dec 08, 2 19 12 PM

Of course I now have regrets about not whipping out my real camera to capture the family decorating together. At least I have these iPhone snapshots, and this cute video of Sadie hanging an ornament.


  1. yep, this is best. your house is so festive!
    katelin recently posted…Reasons I Should Be British.My Profile

  2. Your home is so festive, and I love how you included Sadie in the decoration process! That has to be fun to watch her get excited and learn what everything is. (Or at least, I would think that would be fun…)

    Like y’all, we decorated our house last weekend when we were “iced in” for the weekend. It felt nice to get everything up, even if we aren’t staying here for Christmas… There’s still something lovely about having decorations up and feeling in the spirit, ya know?
    Erin @ The Speckled Palate recently posted…Christmas Potluck: Cider-Glazed CarrotsMy Profile


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