Sadie’s on the Go, Go, GO! wishlist

Sadie is usually always on the go! Running around our house in a circle between the living room, dining room and kitchen, going up and down our stairs, and if we’re outside, forget it – she is everywhere! When she is sitting still, she might be playing with cars, but she also LOVES to read, and will sit for a decent amount of time before moving on to the next thing. So moving away from the girly stuff, here are some of Sadie’s picks!

Toddlers on the go!
  • B. Wheeee-ls toy cars: Sadie received this set of four cars for her birthday last year from my sister-in-law who thought they were awesome just because they were kind of girly. Sadie LOVES them. Probably because of all her older nephews, she loves playing with cars. These are pretty large, so they’re great for small hands, and they wind up when you pull back and scoot across the floor! Great product!
  • Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Vehicle 12-pack: Sadly I could only find this on Amazon for $100 (!!) so the link is for a wheelies vehicle 2-pack. I found the 12-pack at BJs a few months ago and socked it away for Christmas – I’m glad I did! Sadie plays with the cars all the time at daycare, so I think she’ll drive these all over the house.
  • Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer: Say it 2 Ways Dora: (This doesn’t really fit with the “go go go” theme, but I wanted to include it) Sadie’s Pop Pop, my grandpa, got this Dora for her! He picked it out on his own, and Sadie loves her! She doesn’t watch the show a ton yet, but she’s been carrying Dora and her backpack everywhere! And the button to make Dora talk is easy for Sadie to push.
  • The Count’s Hanukkah Countdown (Shalom Sesame): This book is awesome. It’s a “jewish-fied” version of Sesame Street – complete with a character named Sadie! Sadie’s non-jewish grandma bought it for her, which was so nice and thoughtful!
  • Curious George Goes Camping: To go along with some of the fun, outdoorsy stuff Sadie is getting for Hanukkah from her great aunt, uncle and cousin, (a little late due to a shipping mishap), they got this Curious George book for her!
  • Crawl N Play tent: I wanted a play tent for Sadie since she wouldn’t get out of one at her friend Liam’s birthday party a few months ago! I can’t wait to set this up outside for her!
  • Learning Resources Pretend & Play Camp Set: I love that my family got this for her with the tent! Should be so much fun for playing pretend. How cute is that little swiss army knife?
  • Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine: This wont be for Sadie until she is older, but after seeing the viral YouTube video, I couldn’t resist. I would LOVE this for her. I love the premise, the idea, everything. If you haven’t seen the video, watch it here.

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  1. Do you have Hershel & the Hanukkah Goblins? It’s probably still a little old for her, but that was probably my favorite Hanukkah book growing up!
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