Crossing off Life List items – in Seattle!

I’ve been to Seattle three times now and have yet to write about it! Which is annoying because outside of the first trip where I did Nintendo stuff the whole time so I didn’t really see the city, I’ve done a bunch of explroring and I’m seriously in love with the city.

Yes, it was a bit drizzly the first time I was there, as Seattle is apt to be, and I worked a lot of the time there, but I didn’t care! I loved being by the water, checking out all the cool art and touristy sites, and of course, visiting breweries. (The first time I was there I did three in less than two days. I’m impressed with myself.) But what I really loved was being able to cross some items off my Life List!

  • Drink coffee at the original Starbucks. I can’t lie, I kind of cheated with this one. See there is a Starbucks on the corner right by Public Market that looks all old on the inside, and a bunch of Foursquare comments were misleading, so I mistakenly thought that was the original Starbucks. It was not! Whoops! Regardless I had already purchased my drink, so I went off to find the REAL original Starbucks, which is just down the block some. And when I got there, I drank my coffee at that store, SO IT COUNTS!!!

Starbucks Seattle

  • Get a fish thrown at me at Pike Place Market . I actually crossed this one off my list, as you can see. The guys at the fish market told me not to do it – the fish is super old and gross since they just take out the same one and throw it at the customers who request it – NO THANK YOU! They did actually say that at the end of each week they donate the tossed fish to the bear at the Seattle Zoo, so that’s nice. I did watch them throw around fish to each other, which was pretty cool. Not cool enough for me to get a picture, because I suck, but here are some cool ones of the fish market.



  • I also added a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass to my collection – woo hoo! And man I need to go through the list and update the amount I have… I’ve lost track!

There’s still things I need to cross off of my Life List in Seattle – and I certainly wouldn’t mind going back to do so! I still want to:

  • Take a picture with the Fremont Troll and
  • Go to the top of the Space Needle

Considering my dream US trip is to go from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver, I think I’ll be back. 😉


  1. COME TO PORTLAND. I mean, I love Seattle, of course. But COME TO PORTLAND.
    doniree recently posted…Wrapping Up and Moving Over. For now, anyway.My Profile

  2. I’ve never been to Seattle, & it’s currently tied with Portland for my to-visit-next place. Sounds like a great time!
    Kate @ recently posted…The Time I Was a Big Weirdo About Potatoes (& Also Met a Supreme Court Justice)My Profile

  3. The only time I’ve been to Seattle was in 8th grade for the Maccabi games.I don’t remember a ton about it. But do know I made it to the Pike Market!
    Shoshanah recently posted…Top 10 Books of 2013My Profile

  4. Love this!! The Pike Place Market is one of my favorite things in Seattle. Such a cool place. Way to go on the breweries.
    Jessica recently posted…2014My Profile


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