Celebrating the accomplishments – I F*CKING DID IT!!!

The weekend before Thanksgiving was my test. The final hurdle of my Couch to 5k journey. The weekend where I ran my first official 5k race.

And then ran my second 5k race the very next day.

That’s right, I went two-for-two. I signed up for the Massapequa Park Turkey Trot first, since it was pretty local to my house, and then found out about the Running Festival of Lights races afterwards and couldn’t pass it up! A Jew not running in the Chanukkah Gelt 5k? Blasphemous!

Saturday was great weather for a run – temps in the mid 40s and light wind. My BFF Allison met up at my house by 8am, and we headed off to the race location, with our families meeting us there later. Registration was a bit of a mess – there were three lines split by alphabet but no one seemed to notice/care, and were all standing on one line. It was so frustrating, especially as an event planner! I wound up getting my bib/t-shirt pretty quickly, and actually yelled to the entire room that there should be three lines by alphabet. A few people wound up moving off the main line, so I think it helped! We had a little time to kill prior to the start, so we dropped off the t-shirts at my car and headed back to warm up/wait at the starting line.


Due to traffic being rerouted in the area to accommodate the course, Dave, Sadie and my parents didn’t make it to the starting line in time. They were so close, but then the gun went off and we were on our way! I was a little bummed out, but just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.

The course was fun! A large chunk of it was on residential streets in the area, and a bunch of people stood out on their lawns to watch/cheer us on. The 2nd half was in the Massapequa Park Preserve, where I love to run when I have the chance – it’s so pretty!

I was so terrified that I wouldn’t be able to do it you guys. I didn’t have any timed goals in mind, only that I didn’t want to walk if I could avoid it. But it seemed like everything aligned perfectly that day! The adrenaline from it being my first race, great weather, a great running partner – everything felt amazing! And I know this sounds kind of bad, but every time I passed someone else on the course, it felt GREAT!!

When we passed the 2 mile mark I sent Dave a text to let him know we were less than a mile out, and soon enough we saw the finish line. I was this close to losing my mind – the tears in my eyes were barely contained and I knew I was about two seconds away from having a complete, teary meltdown. Allison grabbed my hand as we approached the finish, and we crossed that line hands high in the air!


Crossing the finish line!


My BFF, inspiration, and running partner in crime.


My favorite cheerleader and me. (Dave not included since he was taking the picture!)

The race time was 31:21, but we actually came in at 30:50, since the race only had a finish line tracking strip, but not one at the start. (Which is kind of annoying.) That’s my best 5k run to date!

Sunday morning I got up at the crack of dawn and met Allison and her boyfriend Hiram in Queens before heading off to Brooklyn together for the Chanukkah Gelt 5k! Guys – this race was the complete opposite of Saturday’s. The weather was MISERABLE. 28 degrees, windy as well (made worse by being right by the water) – it was SO COLD. We bundled the hell up and luckily didn’t wait too long before the start – mainly due to us thinking the race started later than it did… good thing we got there “early”!


Freezing our patooties off!

This 5k was a straight run out and back, and all Allison and I focused on was getting back to the finish line! Screw time, this was about survival! The wind was with us on the first 1.5 mile out, but then once we hit the turn around, we also hit the wind straight on! Whooo boy. That SUCKED. I was so glad Allison lent me some extra clothing to keep warm, and that I had gone out and purchased warm running gloves and that jacket the day before (thanks to my mom – YAYY HANUKKAH!) Shit was COLD.

Our time overall wasn’t bad despite the wind and cold – 31:45. Considering that is barely less than a minute slower than the previous day’s run – I’ll take it! AND I got my first shiny finishers medal! YAYYY!!!!


Approaching the finish – so frozen!

Photo Nov 24, 8 39 42 AM

My blingy Jew-medal!

Later in the week it sunk in that I had completed not one, but two 5ks back to back as my first races. And I realized that I have been kind of hesitant to talk about my accomplishments when it comes to running. I feel like while I was happy to have completed the c25k program, and shared that experience with everyone, I almost downplayed it. Like, yeah I did it, but I didn’t really talk about how proud I was of myself. And how proud I am of myself now that I’ve got these races under my belt. There’s a big difference between bragging in an obnoxious way, and positively celebrating an accomplishment you’re proud of. So you know what?


Man that feels good. 🙂


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations!
    Stevie recently posted…Moving Out and UpMy Profile

  2. YAY!!! Congrats on your first races and your PR! Needless to say, seeing you and a couple other people do the c25k program has inspired me to get ready for it and walk my first 5k. I can’t wait to actually run my first one! Also: running in the cold is crazy! (do-able, but yeah.) Anyway. Congrats again! And Hooray for finisher medals!
    Erini recently posted…I’m in ur tubes, being all awkward and stuff.My Profile

  3. yay! that is awesome. so proud of you too friend, woo wee!!
    katelin recently posted…Three Cheers to Family Time.My Profile

  4. Nonsequiturchica says

    Congrats lady! I can’t believe you did back-to-back 5ks in the same weekend!

  5. Way to go, lady! That’s freaking awesome that you did TWO 5Ks in a row… and that you did so well and felt good and are so proud. You should be! (And as a runner, I relish the moments when I pass others on the course. It’s a smug feeling, and it feels oh-so-good. Enjoy it!)
    Erin @ The Speckled Palate recently posted…Christmas Potluck: Cider-Glazed CarrotsMy Profile


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