Remembering the small stuff

Sadie is at an awesome age right now. She is just so much fun to be with, play with, interact with – you get the point. She has always been a good natured, go with the flow kind of baby, but now especially, at almost 19 months old, she’s just a delight. That’s not to say she doesn’t have her moments – trust me, she does. Tell her “no” and she will melt into a puddle on the floor, sobbing “NoooOoOoOoooOOoooo” like someone just skinned her puppy. In front of her. With a butter knife. But there are so many great, cute, funny things I constantly remember throughout my day – I wanted to jot them all down so I can look back later and remember the little things she does:

– When she really wants something, she’ll say “yes” after it. “Baba* yes?” “Bobo* yes?” “Cheerios yes?” “Cherries yes?” And so on. And she assertively nods while saying it. (*Baba = sippy cup and Bobo = pacifier)

– Sadie loves playing with “tickers” and she loves to “coyor”. (Stickers and coloring with crayons).

– She’s now started to say “Yayyy!!” when we give her something she wants, or she gets excited about something.

– She’ll take a tumble or will fake falling down and will say, “Oh! I fell down!”

– She used to lay her head down on Dave’s or my shoulder as the signal that she was ready for bed. Now she will come up to us, bobo in mouth and baba in hand, and will say “seepy?” and then “Bye bye!” and will wait for us to follow her upstairs, so we can tuck her into her crib for “night night”.

– Little miss INSISTS that her hair is done. A headband, or ponytail – doesn’t matter. She’ll point to where her hair accessories are and say “hayrr!” over and over until I do something to it.

– Sadie is learning how to count. She has 1 and 2 pretty down pat, but then skips from 4 to 7 or 8. Not sure where 5 and 6 went?
– She now asks questions. “Wha happen?” “Where are you?” “D’ go?” (where did it go?) and “Where’s Sayee?” when she is hiding. She can’t quite say her name properly, and it’s adorable.

– Girlfriend has a LOVE for socks and shoes. Especially shoes. Loves her own, never fights putting them on, and loves trying to wear my shoes or Dave’s.

– Also loves to play the piano, and if you saw the video I posted last, guitar too. She walks up to our piano, pulls out the bench and says “pyay?” and will try to climb up onto the bench the best she can, and gets impatient when we don’t open up the piano for her to play fast enough. And will almost always run over if Dave is playing.

– She has a new obsession – throwing things out in the garbage. I can even get her to stop crying/whining by asking her if she wants to throw something out in the garbage!! It’s hilarious, and very helpful.

– She also loves to unload the dishwasher, and hands us each utensil one at a time. The downside? She can’t tell the difference between clean and dirty dishes, so loading the dishwasher is a bit of a challenge when Sadie is trying to take everything out at the same time. Also gross.

– The happiness on Sadie’s face when we give her a bobo or her sippy cups is amazing, and also hysterical. She lights up, gasps with delight and will literally run towards whoever has it.

– She loves tickling, and says, “Tickle, tickle!” and makes tickling motions with her hands. She also loves to tickle mommy and daddy, and laughs so hard when we get tickled by her.

– And every tall, 4-legged animal is a horse. Or “hoss”. Giraffes, really big dogs, zebras, they are all horses to her.



  1. I mean, this is the cutest. She is too funny and so adorable.
    katelin recently posted…Fire in the Hole.My Profile

  2. So stinking cute! Her vocabulary is so advanced! Mac’s not putting sentences together quite yet. He loves to help too, by throwing everything in the trash and taking everything out of the laundry basket. Loved the guitar video.
    Sara McCarty recently posted…Mac’s First HaircutMy Profile

  3. This is overwhelmingly adorable. CUTE OVERLOAD.
    Sweeney recently posted…sitting stillMy Profile


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