A perfect weekend of sorts

Dave and I often feel like we can never catch a break. Our weeks are hectic with work, long commutes for both of us, and the dropping off and picking up of the Sadie Face at daycare. And what sucks is that because we’re sooooooooooo popular (half kidding – Sadie’s really the popular one) we don’t get a break on the weekends either. We always seem to have plans and places to be and errands to run. It’s exhausting, and no one feels refreshed by Monday.

Somehow this weekend was an exception. We didn’t really have any plans, we got some errands taken care of, but otherwise we just relaxed a bunch. Highlights?

Sadie sleeping in until 7:30am on Saturday. (This is HUGE. She did not adjust well to Daylight Savings Time, and has been up between 5 and 6ish daily.)

Because we got a bit more sleep, Dave made us all breakfast of delicious scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. And made me coffee before I could make my own (swoon).

Sadie burying herself waist-high in a huge pile of leaves Dave raked up in our backyard.


Being able to go on my first real run all week (after my crappy mile treadmill run). Granted, it wasn’t a great run (had to walk a couple of times) but I hit my fastest mile and 1k to date. Woo! And I wore shorts and a t-shirt to run in because it was so warm. It’s November. WHO AM I?

Taking Sadie to the park before it got too dark and cold out, and watching her shriek with glee on the swings (I think she calls the swings “whee!”) and master bigger and bigger slides until she was going down the tallest, corkscrewiest slide all by herself. (With one of us at the top, and side/bottom of course.) My brave little girl.

Dave letting me sleep in a little on Sunday, and waking up to pictures like this posted on Facebook. The quote: “She doesn’t have a chefs hat, so she improvised”. I can’t even.


A lazy Sunday movie – Wreck-It Ralph! Sadie is starting to pay more attention to cartoons, and she and I had a good snuggle fest on the couch for most of the movie. It was so cute!!

A quick trip to the pediatrician for shot 1 out of 2 for Sadie’s flu vaccine – my chick doesn’t even cry! (She rarely cries with shots. Definitely not my child.) One bubble-gum flavored Dum-Dum lollipop later and she was in heaven. And one stop to Dunkin Donuts for mommy and I was in heaven.

The weather quickly turned dreary on Sunday, but I was determined to get a run in while the weather was still warm-ish, and run I did. Again, not the best run for me, and it started mist-raining while I was out. And I didn’t mind it. In fact, it felt refreshing. Again – WHO AM I? This is a girl who runs through the rain whimpering, “unhappy… unhappy… unhappy” until I’m safely ensconced indoors. Oh running, what have you done to me?

A family trip to BJs to stock up on some essentials (like Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle – you know you want some) and entertaining Sadie’s new fascination with throwing things in the garbage. She can’t really say “garbage” yet, it’s more like “jjjarbage” but it is still cute and I hunted around for jjjarbage cans in BJs for her to throw out little scraps of unwanted coupon paper. MUST. THROW. OUT. THE. JJJARBAGE!!!

Being able to FINALLY clean/organize our bedroom. Holy hell was it disgusting. Our dressers and headboard were littered with jewelry, watches, random papers, and just CRAP. And dust. Mounds of MOUNDS of dust. (If you know me, you know housekeeping is not my forte.)  And not to mention a huge garbage bag of clothes I put aside LAST YEAR to go through and see if I still wanted. Dave was entertaining Sadie and I finally had the time to tackle all of the messiness, and go through that bag (and only kept a few things – yay!) When Dave walked into our bedroom, his mouth dropped and he asked where everything went. Hahah. It feels so much better in there. Now I just need to find the time/money to paint over the hideous purple color we put on the bedroom walls when we first moved in. Poor paint color choices for the win!

And last, Sadie playing guitar with Daddy. I know we’re biased, but I sense a little natural talent in there!!

I feel like our weekends are so frantic and busy that we don’t have time to enjoy ourselves, and enjoy Sadie. I’m always trying to rush Dave out of the door, and get Sadie’s crap all packed and get her into the car, that I put myself into a huff 99% of the time by the time we’re in the car. This weekend there was none of that, and it was awesome. Sadie is in such a great stage right now – she is lovable (still stingy with kisses though – brat) and is so, so funny. She makes Dave and I laugh so hard at some of the things she says and does, I swear that we’ll both multiply the laugh lines on our faces 10x faster than normal from her. She is such a joy to be around (most of the time  – she has her toddler moments) that I’m so glad I got to have this weekend just reveling in it.



  1. She is adorable! I just love the video of her playing guitar!
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