Now that it’s over… but it’s really just begun

I finished my c25k training on October 29. Woo hoo!!! But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped running. Oh no – I have to keep on going, because my first 5k race is November 23rd. And then I’m doing another one November 24th! AHH!!!! The 23rd is the Massapequa Park Turkey Trot, and the 24th is the Running Festival of Lights race – the “Chanukkah Gelt 5K”, to be exact! I didn’t plan to run back to back 5ks at first, but as the resident JAP of this blog, how could I resist? And my BFF Allison got us these amazeballs glasses to wear:

You know you’re jealous

Someone asked me if I loved running now. My witty answer was, “Yes, when I’m done”. But seriously – I’m not in love with running, but I do love what it does for me. Physically, I feel great about myself and my body. I love that I’m much more active than I was 8+ weeks ago. And the fact that if I have to run for my train, I’m not super winded at the end anymore. But I also love that it gives me 30-40 minutes of ME time. Time when I can queue up my “Run, Bitch!” playlist (if its daytime – I try not to run with music on at night!) and try to focus on my breathing, my feet hitting the pavement, and begin to let my mind wander. It gives me a chance to explore my neighborhood more, and turn down streets I haven’t been down yet. Most important, it helps me melt away the stress from a hard workday when I need it.

Now that I’m done with the program, people also assume that all of my runs are easy. “Oh, you finished Couch to 5k! You must be a pro at running now!” (Those are clearly the non-runners talking.) Runs are almost never easy. A few days ago I ran my best 5k, shaving 2 minutes off my time, and running my fastest mile to date. I felt great, my legs flew, my breathing was great, and I was in the groove.

Photo Nov 06, 8 41 32 PMPhoto Nov 06, 8 33 22 PM

Photo Nov 06, 8 35 11 PM

But then what happens? I do my first treadmill run at a venue I was staying at the other night, and it BLEW. IT BLEW MAJOR BAGS OF DICKS. I barely made it a mile, and I think I was at a 14 minute mile the whole time. The room was hot, the TV in my treadmill didn’t work (#1stworldrunningproblems) and I had to hold my phone in my hand because if I put it down on the treadmill, it didn’t accurately track my mileage. Major suck. I felt so defeated after. Like, how did I go from running a 31 minute 5k and feeling on top of the world, to barely being able to crack a mile? You can never guarantee that your next run will be as good as your last. I’ve learned that already, trust me.

Will that shitty run stop me from running again? Hell no. I’ve got two races to run! (And another in December… and a virtual in Feb…)

Better go lace up those sneakers now!



  1. This is awesome, Lacey. So proud of you!
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