Sadie Faye: 18 months! And Halloween pictures!

Sadie Faye –

I figured since you’re 18 months old now that an update was due. Because, hello!! You’re halfways to being a 2-year-old. (Sigh.)

Halloween 2013 – GO GIANTS!
Weight/Length- We had your 18 month check up recently, and you weighed just over 21 pounds, and were about 31.5 inches tall. You are so petite! The doctor clocked you in at around 10-15% for weight, and 40-50% for height. Still on the same growth track you’ve been on since you were born, you’re just long and lean.

Eating- You’re getting a little pickier as you get older (I knew you’re openness to food was too good to be true!) but you still eat pretty well. We know that you do not like melon of any kind (neither does your dad or Shasha*), but you’ll eat every berry under the sun. You have an OBSESSION with Cheerios, or “Cheros”, as you call them, and will wolf down any sort of meat that’s in front of you, especially steak! Other favorites include cherry tomatoes, raisins, craisins, my penne a la vodka, and “coppee” (coffee). We try not to give you that last one too much – but you love it!

Sleep– You still sleep pretty well – heading to be around 8-8:30pm and waking up anywhere from 6am (ugh) to 7:30am or so. When you are ready for bed, you will ask to be picked up, and lay your head on our shoulders, which I LOVE. You rarely wake up “happy” – more like  you wake up, realize you’re alone, and start yelling to be picked up!

Clothes- You’re in between 12 month clothing, and 12-18 month clothing. Some 18 month stuff is beginning to fit, but only pants really (you need the length) – tops are too long or too big! I can’t really squeeze you into your 12 month sleepers much longer, you look like you’re going to bust out!

Appearance- You are our little blondie! People cannot get over how blonde you are, and your eyes have lightened up too – they are such a nice blue. Your lips are so full, your uncle and others refer to you as “Jolie lips”. Your smile is the best – an ear to ear grin bearing all your teeth.

Personality- Whenever people ask me about you, one of the first things I tell them is that you’re so funny! You love to laugh, and make your daddy and I laugh all the time. You LOVE to read, and your favorite book is “Go Dog Go”, which you pull out by name. You are still infatuated with all stuffed animals, hugging them to death whenever you can. You also LOVE bigger kids, and want to do whatever it is they are doing. I guess that’s a good thing, because you’re getting moved up to the next class at daycare next week! You are so adventurous, and are both a girly girl who loves pretty things and says “oooooh!” when you see something you like, and you also aren’t afraid to get dirty and play with rocks, dirt, sticks – whatever you can find!

Milestones- Since the last update, you’ve graduated from the highchair to a booster seat (since you were trying to climb UP your highchair, it had to go!) You also get three “babas” a day – one with each meal, and are starting to learn how to drink from a cup. You just need to remember to close your mouth after a sip! You’ve now really learned the difference between “up” and “down”, and you love doing “open” and “close” with whatever you can, announcing it each time.

Likes- Your “bobo” (pacifier), bubble baths, berries, CHEERIOS, reading, “Go Dog Go”, stuffed animals, any smartphone/tablet/computer where you can either look at animals – preferably “hoss” (horses), cats, birds, dogs, or fish. Or watch angry birds. Or play your Fischer Price apps. Being chased or tickled. Family hugs with mommy and daddy. You’re getting more into cartoons, and you like Mickey Mouse Club, Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. Also playing kitchen, and playing with daddy’s change jar. Shoes – you LOVE shoes. And giving hugs. Sadie, you give the BEST hugs!

Dislikes– Not being able to go downstairs when we’re there since the gate is up. Melon, apples (we think), having your face/hands wiped after meals. Naptime if you’re not in the mood. Giving kisses. You give the best kisses to inanimate objects, but rarely to people. Being in your stroller if you want to walk around, or we aren’t going fast enough.

Nicknames– Sadie Faye, Faye Faye, the Fayester, Sadie Bug, Lovey, Monkey, Monkey Face, Munchkie, Sadie Cakes, The Cakes (thats your Auntie Allison) and SadieFayeRo! (is your Uncle Jay). He and your Auntie Adrienne also call you SadieMaFayeFaye!  You have a LOT of nicknames. Daddy and I make up new, silly ones on a daily basis!

You are the bestest little girl. I swear, I don’t know how I got to be so lucky – I got such a sweet, sweet little girl. Yes, you have the normal toddler issues (whining is starting… and throwing yourself onto the floor in hysterics if you don’t get what you want), but you are such a sweet, lovable little thing. Getting a running hug from you when I get home from work is always the highlight of my day.



*Shasha is my mom- that’s her made up “grandma” name, since she doesn’t want to be called grandma. Weirdo. 😉


  1. I’m doing my best to overlook the Giants costume….but she looks pretty adorable these days!
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  2. eeee such a cute cheerleader, i love it!
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  3. Love love love her. What a little spunky cheerleader! She’s the cutest. The blonde hair on our babes kill me!


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