Beause I need to do SOMETHING

As I alluded to in my Five on a Friday post, I’ve taken up running. Let’s get started on the FAQs, shall we?

c25k Weeks 1-4

The first 4 weeks of c25k

What, are you trying to lose weight or something? You’re so skinny!” This is probably the most annoying thing I hear whenever I’m working out (which is… almost never. But still.) I actually wrote a post about it years ago – but I can’t find it to link it.

Skinny does not equal healthy. Let’s all get that through our heads now, okay? Yes, I’m thin, but trust me, I was not in shape. AT ALL. I’m lucky to be on the naturally thin side, but that doesn’t mean I am happy with my body, or feel good about myself.

You’re crazy – why would you want to run? Thanks for the support, jerkface. But it is a good question – why am I running? Well, because I need to do SOMETHING.  Signing up for a gym membership just means more money that we don’t have, and I know myself – I would have a hot streak where I’d go all the time, and then something would stop me. Same with a yoga studio membership or classes.

With running, I can literally start and finish running from my doorstep. No need to drive somewhere, no need to pack a bag of equipment/clothing. It allows me to get my exercise in, but also be able to spend enough time with Sadie before she goes to bed at night.

Are you gonna run a marathon? Yes, I will go from 0 miles to 26.2 just like that!! No, no marathons for me, but I’m training for a 5k race. Woo hoo! The collage over there is of the first four weeks of my Couch to 5k program, and as of today, I only have one day left of the training! Eeek!!

Please don’t tell me you’re going to become OBSESSED with running now!! I don’t think I’ll be “obsessed” but I do enjoy it. While I’m running, I don’t always enjoy it, but the runners high is nothing to laugh about. And I love that I’m actually getting out there and doing something physical to help keep me in shape.

Goals now? Finish my training (!!!!) and run some races. My first official race is on November 23 – a local Turkey Trot that my BFF Allison is running with me. Then we have some virtual races, and a Hot Chocolate 5k that is literally 2 minutes away from my house – couldn’t resist!

Otherwise, because I travel a lot for work, I thought it would be cool to attempt to run (just run, not necessarily run a race) in all 50 states. As of today, I’ve got four: New York, Illinois, Washington and Minnesota. Please note, that Minnesota run was in 35 DEGREE WEATHER!!!! WHO AM I?

Who are my other runners out there? I promise this won’t become a “running blog”, but I hope to talk more about my running experience as a complete novice a bit more!


  1. You know I am UBER (I never use that word) proud of you and I can not wait to join you at your first 5k and wherever work might take you around the country because let’s face it, I want to run in all 50 states before I die and I only have NY, Florida and Puerto Rico (hey it’s a US territory!) under my belt. Welcome to the club!!!

  2. I’m a retired runner, though I do a 5K from time to time for kicks. 🙂 Keep it up!!!
    Aubrey recently posted…LIGHT: Bruce Munro at CheekwoodMy Profile

  3. This is awesome. Way to go!
    Kate @ recently posted…Waiting for DaylightMy Profile


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