20SB Blogging Prompt: Villains You Love to Hate

The latest 20SB blogging prompt immediately made me want to use it because OMG BREAKING BAD WALTER WHITE HOLY SHIT THAT SHOW IS GOING TO KILL ME!

Dave and I are behind on the show, and literally have the last two episodes left to watch before it’s over for ALL OF TIME.

Walter White. I want to hate you but I love you. I feel bad for you. I want to comfort you. You make me hate people I shouldn’t, like Hank, Marie and also your son (sorry, I know the kid has cerebral palsy in real life too, but he annoys the ever loving shit out of me.) I also kind of dislike your wife Skyler. Ughh her face just annoys me.

Don Draper. It’s amazing how he is an insane womanizer, and treats both his wives like crap, but you feel for the man. Yes, he’s good looking, seductive, and powerful, but that’s not an excuse for his chauvinism. His background is so goddamn awful, that you want to hate the man, but can’t help but feel for that poor lost soul.

Lets not just limit this to men. The female choice didn’t stand out to me like the male characters did. BUT I love to hate Summer from (500) Days of Summer. Oh but she’s not a villain? YES SHE IS BECAUSE SHE FRIGGIN BROKE JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT’S HEART! WHO DOES THAT?

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  1. SUMMER IS SO THE VILLAIN IN THAT MOVIE!!! Agreed, agreed, agreed.
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  2. I have one answer, and that is Loki.
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