Five on a Friday, shall we?

Let’s try this whole Five on a Friday thing, shall we? 5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_edited-1_zps7fcf6068

1. Did you know I’ve gotten into running? If you know me, your mouth has already hit the floor. I’ve just started week 6 of Couch to 5k and I’m gearing up for my first 5k at the end of November. Post to come on it! I’m not obsessed with running, but it sure does feel good to be doing something athletic/healthy.

2.  Sadie is SO MUCH FUN right now. She is talking a mile a minute (some of which we can understand) and loves playing, reading, has gotten into cartoons and some movies (we sat and watched Lilo & Stitch the other day – it was awesome). I especially love when we go to chase her, and she shrieks at the top of her lungs and runs away, giggling the whole time.

3.  We need a family Halloween costume for my nephew’s birthday party next week. I have ideas, but don’t want to fork out tons of money (that we really can’t afford to part with now anyway) for costumes. And I don’t have time to make anything, not that I’m so creative as it is.

4.  This stuff is like liquid crack:


5. I just Googled/Pinterested (yeah its a verb) how to tie my scarf, because I’m a hapless fashion wonder.


  1. My favorite low-budge costumes were the time I stuck a bunch of sponges to myself & said I was “self-absorbed” & the time I wore a blue dress & printed out/laminated goldfish & speech bubbles with nice comments on them & said I was “fishing for compliments.” I suppose neither of those would work for a family party? Fine, I also like just being a witch. You can just wear black stuff that you have, get a little fancy/fun with the makeup, then buy a cheap hat & a spider ring from a dollar store!
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    • Love it! The homemade creative costumes are my favorite. I got Sadie a pirate costume, and figured I’d also be a pirate and Dave could be a parrot LOL. We’ll see how that works!

  2. A friend’s family recently dressed up for a costume party as insurance mascots. The wife was Flo from Progressive, the husband was Mayhem from Allstate, and the baby was the Alfac duck. They’re all simple costumes. A wig and nametag for Flo, a cut up old suit and dirty face for Mayhem, and a duck hat for the baby.


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