The worst 24 hours of parenting yet

Technically the weekend’s suckfest was less than 24 hours long, but it felt like forever, and I never want to go through it again.

A few Fridays ago I was on my way home to pick up Sadie when I got a call from her daycare that she had thrown up. She didn’t have a fever, but they were monitoring it. I told them I was already on the way, so I’d be there within half an hour or so. When I got to daycare, she was asleep, and very upset when I picked her up to take her home. And then she threw up a little bit.

And then she threw up all over the both of us.

And then she threw up in the car.

And then she projectile threw up in the car.

(PS I STILL need to get my car detailed. Gross.)

We got home, I got her showered (unhappy baby) and we sat around watching cartoons and trying to get some Pedialite/crackers into her. She continued to get sick, and I started to get scared. I don’t remember if I wrote about it then, but back in November of last year, Sadie was hospitalized for dehydration when she picked up a neurovirus and was throwing up constantly. Also Dave wasn’t home, so I was dealing with this alone. Cue a panicked, tearful phone call to Dave, who in turn called his sister, who called me. Long story short, we decided to take Sadie to a PM Pediatrics place, which is an urgent care for children. Dave was able to leave his event, and was meeting us there.

Sadie had fallen asleep at this point, which simultaneously relieved and terrified me, because when she fell asleep, it looked like she was passing out, as her eyes would roll into the back of her head. She was pale and lethargic, and it was possibly the worst moment ever for me as a parent.

I threw Sadie into the car (with a giant bib on her in case she threw up again, which made my SIL laugh) and we met Dave at the urgent care. They wound up giving her a tiny dose of Zofran, to ease her stomach, and then we did a liquid test – 5ml of Gatorade every five minutes for 4o minutes. The Zofran helped her immediately, and she sucked down the Gatorade super fast and wanted more each time! She also began to play and act like her usual self, which was SO refreshing.

The next day was all well and good! We were in a great mood, and had plans to head into the city that night for an overnight date (and see Newsies!!) A guy from the local window blinds store was over doing an in-home shop with us, and was upstairs with Dave while I was downstairs with Sadie. All of a sudden she slipped on the floor (not uncommon, she’s a klutz) and it looked like she caught herself with her hands. She started to cry, and when I went to get her, I noticed blood on her chin. Weird, I thought, and tried to calm her while taking her over to our armchair to get a better look. CUE PANIC.

Her chin was split open. All I could see was the skin literally split, and not even blood, just the white (tissue?) underneath. (VOM.) I called for Dave and when he came downstairs I told him what happened and that I thought she needed stitches. Dave took over and I went upstairs with the blinds guy. Not five minutes later Dave yelled for me and the convo went like this:

Dave: Lace?
Me: We gotta go?
Dave: Yup! Let’s go.

The blinds guy left, and we headed to the pediatrician’s office first. At this point Sadie had calmed down and was sitting quietly in her carseat while Dave sat with her and tried to staunch the blood. The pediatrician immediately looked and determined she needed at least four stitches, and called ahead to the local hospital and the plastic surgeon to meet us there.

Have you ever had a young child get stitches? Worst experience of my life. Dave has had stitches multiple times. I’m a stitches virgin. But with young kids, they have to put them in a papoose, which is essentially a toddler sized body board that they strap them down to. Picture a miracle blanket for babies, strapped to a board. It was AWFUL. Sadie was screaming and trying to get out, while I stayed outside of the room crying my face off. Dave didn’t know if it would be worse for him to be in the room not “saving her” while she cried, so he came out with me to calm me down. The poor thing was crying, saying “no” and calling for “Daddy”. Please, break my heart a few more times.

Of course once it was over, she got her “bobo” (aka pacifier) and calmed down pretty quickly (my resilient little girl). I was probably worse off than her.

The stitches came out after a week (also a traumatic experience – back to the papoose!) but her scar is small, and under her chin, and will barely be noticeable as time goes on.

But what a series of events in less than 24 hours! We wound up still going out that night because she seemed fine and my parents were willing to take her, but I just kept seeing the image of her split chin in my head over and over that night, and felt awful (even though Newsies was AWESOME.)

Everyone says that parenting is awesome, and it is. But moments like these? Worst. EVER.

Photo Sep 14, 1 29 21 PM

Post stitches. (Yes, that’s blood on her shirt.)


Like how I’m back after ANOTHER blogging hiatus and this is my first real post? You’re welcome


  1. holy wow. I hope you had a beer after all that because wow that’s a lot to deal with in 24 hours. Glad to hear Sadie’s ok though.

    I got 5 stitches in my forehead when I was 3. I fell and hit the car door frame. I have no memory of it at all, just a faint scar on my forehead. But I can’t imagine my parents’ fear when that happened.
    Erini recently posted…half my means, but not half my joyMy Profile

  2. Ugh…that’s the one major part of parenting that I’m NOT looking forward to. Barf.
    Mel recently posted…Processing Death and Dying…My Profile

  3. Yikes poor Sadie! Glad she is doing okay!
    Nonsequiturchica recently posted…AnniversaryMy Profile

  4. Wow. I think I just put off having kids for an additional year… the stress! My hair would turn grey!

    That said, when you’re having those low moments in parenthood-land, always remember there are a zillion worse parents out there, and Sadie is lucky you’re not one of them! I mean, just think about it. There are seriously terrible people out there allowed to ruin kids’ lives, and despite this being a terrible 24 hours there was one theme throughout: Sadie has two parents who love her to bits and care for her well-being above all else. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Aubrey recently posted…ArtPrize in Grand RapidsMy Profile

    • Oh, and this one time my sister ran into another kid at kindergarten and got this terrible black eye, and at the same time she happened to be missing multiple teeth. My poor parents… people kept asking her where she got hurt and if her Mommy and Daddy were there when it happened. Yikes!
      Aubrey recently posted…ArtPrize in Grand RapidsMy Profile


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