How I’m slowly becoming a gamer, thanks to the Wii U

I’ve had a relationship with Nintendo through Brand About Town for about 3 1/2 years now, ever since a Wii and Wii Fit showed up at my apartment, much to Dave’s and my excitement. I think out of all the systems, I’ve spent the most time on the Nintendo 3DS (I’m a little StreetPass™ obsessed), but when we were gifted a Wii U, and had the privilege of hosting an awesome Wii U party with our friends, I became a convert.

Learning about the Wii U... and Sadie' photobombing.

Learning about the Wii U… and Sadie’ photobombing.

Two awesome guys came to our house loaded with food and other goodies for everyone, and explained all the fun features of the Wii U, and then we got down to business! I mean gaming!

We played a whole bunch of Nintendo Land games, including my two favorites Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion is hysterical. The player holding the game pad is the ghost, and all other players (up to four) are trying to find the ghost with flashlights before it finds them. Only the ghost can see in the room though, everyone else is in the dark! It’s so funny watching the other players try to run around with flashlights trying to find you (as the ghost) and you know where they are while they are clueless! And in  Mario Chase, everyone chases Mario through a maze of a world and tries to tackle him before time is up. Everyone was yelling and cracking up while playing both games. They’re super competitive! (Also, if you haven’t played Animal Crossing Sweet Day, that shizz is hilarious.)

Oh the excitement!

Oh the excitement!

The other favorite was Sing Party. Now, I don’t sing in public – EVER. But I had a great time watching Dave and our other friends sing their hearts out and try to match the amazing dance moves on the screen.

Dave busting a move. Or something.

Dave busting a move. Or something.

The only downside of the Wii U is that it does not come with the MotionPlus adapters, which is a little annoying considering some of the games in Nintendo Land require it to play. You can get them for pretty cheap, but still.

A few weeks after my Wii U party, I got the awesome surprise of LEGO City: Undercover at my doorstep.

I am now addicted to this game. First I had to learn how to drive, because I could not steer these little LEGO cars around AT ALL, but I’m getting better at it and having so much fun! Poor Dave has barely been able to play his video games because I’m playing this ALL THE TIME.

The Wii U has become my favorite gaming system. It’s so interactive, and the game pad makes it so much more fun!

Yay Wii U party!!

Yay Wii U party!!

*The Disclaimer – I received the Wii U, games, and food and other items for my party as a gift from Nintendo and Brand About Town because for some reason or another, they seem to like me. All of the opinions written here are my own.

(Party photos courtesy of Brand About Town and Nintendo. LEGO City: Undercover image source here.)



  1. Wii U is so much fun; I actually SANG, in front of friends at the party (even without wine)! It was hilarious and awesome and fun. We got the guys to be the back-up dancers to our songs. I haven’t had a chance to play Lego City yet but I’m excited to get to it in a few weeks when I have time off from work.

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