Oral Surgery Problems

This gif is pretty close to accurate right about now.

I had my two remaining wisdom teeth removed on Friday. The other two I had removed about four years ago, in the midst of a crazy work schedule with a ton of traveling, and an immense amount of pain. AND the sadist oral surgeon I went to didn’t use laughing gas or anesthesia, JUST NOVOCAINE.

Kill me me now. (I mean then.)

I am HORRIBLE with pain. The worst. I cry when I get a shot (well, before I went through childbirth at least. Now it all seems kind of lame in comparison). So needless to say, back then, the wisdom teeth removal process was a horrific one.

Fast forward to now, when I have to have the other two removed. This time at least I wasn’t in pain, since I decided to do it proactively instead of when I was reeling from the pain. AND my new best friend of an oral surgeon offered me anesthesia!


Anydrugs, I went in on Friday and spent most of the day in a lovely post-anesthesia haze. (Minus the random bouts of nausea.) However… half of my chin and bottom lip are numb. And they’re still numb today, four days later.

Apparently my bottom wisdom tooth was like, the textbook definition of the worst impacted wisdom tooth you can have. All other wisdom teeth either look up to it in reverence, or cower before it in feat. And to top it off, my tooth’s roots were super long, and wrapped around my nerve like pincers. The doctor showed me the tooth too, but I was in such a drug daze post-surgery that I barely remember it, except for the fact that it was a looooooong tooth.

So now, because of the trauma to my nerve, I can’t feel the right side of my chin and bottom lip. It’s been very weird to eat, drink, or basically try to do anything with my mouth on that side. Trying to give Sadie a kiss? Is hilarious. Eating anything on the right side? Forget about it. Attempting to put on lip gloss this morning? HAHAHAHA. I’m surprised it didn’t wind up all over my face. But not to worry, I’m on a steroid regimine to jump start the feeling back into my face, and I’m happy to say its working. But you know what sucks? Having to deal with your chin feeling super itchy, because your nerve endings are tingling (or something), and not being able to relieve it because SCRATCHING DOES NOTHING since you CAN’T FEEL YOUR CHIN!!!!!!


(Oral surgery problems.)

(At least it’s not permanent!)

Have any oral surgery woes?




  1. Oh man my husband just got his top 2 wisdom teeth removed and not all 4 because of the chance for this and the fact it could be permanent for him (50/50 chance of permanent numbness is what his surgeon told him) so I hope yours heals soon.

  2. The portable Waterpik was my godsend. You won’t believe the crap that gets into those holes. (That’s what she said!)

    I had four extractions at once while I was at USMA… I chose to have them put me under so I could miss a day of class. I spent the whole day in a hospital bed watching daytime TV and eating tomato soup. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also sipped on Ensure shakes for a while.
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    • I actually have stitches! So no need for the waterpik just yet. But I know about it. Dave had a tooth removed a few weeks ago and I had to remove a piece of crusty bread from his tooth hole with a tweezer. GROSS.

  3. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out years ago, but I’ve been too afraid to do it. I’ve heard too many horror stories (dry socket, anyone?) and I cower in fear. Also, if anyone denies me anesthesia in favor of novocaine, I will punch them in the throat.

    Wishing you a super speedy recovery!
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  4. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18. My bottom teeth were getting too close to nerves, so they had me in for surgery within a week. I opted to go with the laughing gas, as at the time, general anesthesia made me nervous. I didn’t have a good reaction at ALL to the laughing gas. Not sure why, no one seems to know. But I almost passed out, it was not good.

    So I had no choice but to do novocaine. 40 some shots of it. Worst nightmare ever. 4 teeth pulled. The two bottom ones impacted. When it was over, I assumed my nightmare was over.

    Then guess who got dry socket and got an infection??? I was bruised and out of work almost a WEEK. A WEEK.

    never again.
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  5. I still have to get mine out… and I AM SCARED LIKE CRAZY. I *have* to get all four out. There’s just no room for all my teeth and it’s already causing issues. Right now I’m just trying to find an affordable dentist here in Chicago. So many cosmetic places here! Just want a regular old dentist like I grew up with!
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